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Tuesday, September 30, 2003
This whole "CIA Leak" Story

I'm not paying too much attention to this whole "CIA Leak" story, as I think that the media is playing it up for more than it is.

First off, I don't really think that someone like Novak would deliberately release the name of a current covert operative. After all his years in Washington, one would think he'd know better.

Second, why is this story just breaking now? The piece by Novak ran back in JULY. That's 2.5 months ago! A bit slow on the pickup?

I don't feel like blogging much about it, since others have covered it much more throughly. RWN has info on it (first and second posts)

The folks at the Corner have been all over it too (sorry, there are too many links to provide specific ones)

Instapundit has a few links: On sources, on tasking Wilson, the press.

My desire is for the media to move on from this; and to report other news (and by "other news" I mean things not involving the Laci Peterson case, the Kobi case, etc.)

update: I came across this transcript with Fmr. CIA director James Woolsey on CNN (link from Druge), some important quotes:


ROBERT NOVAK, CO-HOST, "CROSSFIRE": They asked me not to use her name, but never indicated it would endanger her or anybody else. According to a confidential source at the CIA, Mrs. Wilson was an analyst, not a spy, not a covert operative. And not in charge of undercover operatives.


HEMMER: What does it mean if she's an analyst or operative and not a spy? Is that less serious? Is that the suggestion?

WOOLSEY: Well, most of the time in the business, people don't really use the word "operative." Analyst would normally mean -- if that's true -- that she worked usually in Washington, that she would be able to admit to people that she worked at the CIA. And it would not be nearly so serious a thing.

WOOLSEY: Well, most of the time in the business, people don't really use the word "operative." Analyst would normally mean -- if that's true -- that she worked usually in Washington, that she would be able to admit to people that she worked at the CIA. And it would not be nearly so serious a thing.

Democrats' anti-Bush strategy

If this article/editorial by Joseph Farah (editor of WND) is indeed true, not only does it reflect poorly on the Democrat Party, it's also ashame, to say the least. (Heck, it may even vindicate parts of Coulter's latest thesis)

I'll let you make your own judgements about this.

Yet Another Al-Qaida-Iraq Link

Is it just me or have there been a lot of these stories? I'm starting to lose count.
This one is from WND and Insight Magazine
Iraq-al-Qaida link revealed: Saddam part of 'money-laundering operation' for Islamic terror group

Monday, September 29, 2003
My Club got Mentioned in NRODT!!!

The pro-America club I helped form here at Brandeis last year (and that I'm currently serving as President of), United We Stand just got a mention in National Review on Dead Tree!!!!!!!!


(Though I did get somewhat shafted by not being quoted directly; nor did my name get in, but that's petty stuff).

Here's a link to the article (or for those of you who get NRODT or NR Digital we're on page 44).

Off to celebrate!

More on Edward Said

In addition to all that I've previously posted on Edward Said, here's two more pieces:

One by David Frum
The other by Jonah Goldberg
And one by Ibn Warraq
[yes, I know that's an Indymedia URL, but otherwise you need a WSJ subscription]

And some fun at Indymedia

Potential Crisis for College Students

Mexico threatens to cut off all bulk exports of Tequila to the USA...

Can you imagine the response?

Quote Of the Day

[Via Stephen Silver]

"...we chose Clinton and got an undermining of liberal thinking by the person who supposedly represented that thinking.' This subversion laid the foundation for Dubya. By electing a Democrat like Clark or Dean, who are really 'moderate Republicans,' Lerner says, we may be 'creating someone even worse than Bush.'"-Lefty rabbi and Tikkun Magazine editor Michael Lerner, quoted by Richard Goldstein, in (where else?) the Village Voice.

First things first, there is a controversy as to whether or not Lerner is even an ordained Rabbi. But I don't want to go back into that whole thing.

Clinton ran as a "centrist Democrat" if memory serves correctly, and while in office, the "Republican Revolution" (which led to the Republicans gaining control of the House in '94) led to some Republican agenda victories under Clinton.

Lerner's reference to "undermining of Liberal thinking" probably refers to things such as the passage of NAFTA, Welfare Reform (as per the GOPs desire) among other things. Of course, these are unpopular on the Left. I don't think this "subversion" lead to anything for President Bush really.

Lerner is a member of the very, very far left, so his characterization of Clark and Dean as "Moderate Republicans" is humorous at best. I'm wondering who Lerner supports, Kucinich?
Clark may have voted for the GOP in the past, but now he's claiming that he's a Democrat. That's still gotta be resolved.
As for Nikita Dean, he's nowhere near being a Republican. He's not even near RINO land. Nikita is a hard-core liberal. Heck, he even hates Rush Limbaugh! How could he be a Republcian and hate Rush?

Oh, what a bunch of laughs some people can be.

Sillyness in the Globe

(no, I don't know if "sillyness" is a real word, but I"m using it anyway). So there were a few editorials in today's Boston Globe. One by George Will (you can read it here). which I must say was quite good.

There was a piece on Chechniya (sp?), and then there was Cathy Young's column (which The Smarter Cop takes on)

The other piece was titled "California Leads On Civil Unions", and it was written by a "visiting scholar at the Brandeis Women's Studies Research Center".

I personally am opposed to "Civil Unions" and same-sex marriage--and those beliefs are based on my religious upbringing. At the same time, I have nothing against GBLTQI (I think that's the acronym) people--in fact, I have friends who are classified by that acronym.

But that's not what I want to take issue with in this piece. Nor do I want to take the author to task for the cheap shot at Fox News. Rather, the author says:

The right wing has for too long been whining about "unelected judges" imposing its elitist philosophy of liberty and justice for all. Last I checked, protecting minority rights was high up in a judge's job description. But in recall country, the judges didn't have to.

No, this is incorrect. Especially on a Federal level. The Judge's job is to make rulings based on the existing laws--it is not to make new laws from the bench. A Federal Justice is to base their rulings according to either Federal laws (in some cases) or to rule based strictly on what the Consititution says. Not what they think it should mean, nor what they think it should say, but what is written within it.

Nowhere in a judge's job description is "protecting minority rights" listed. Granted, in many cases, a minority's rights can be upheld based on existing laws, but otherwise, there is no basis to subvert the laws and letter of the consitutiton to do so.

Sunday, September 28, 2003
Starting the New Year

Well, it's the start of a new year. I was sick on Saturday (bad headache) but I bounced back today. However, the weather today was quite rainy, so I didn't get to go throw bread into the Charles yet. (I'll do it later this week).

I was very dissapointed that I wasn't able to be at my grandparents for the holiday, as I used to always go there for Rosh Hashana, but since coming to school, I've been unable too. I miss all of grandma's yummy Kosher food. It stands in contrast to the junk Aramark served for a holiday dinner (egg salad).

I've spent the evening catching up on all the school work I wasn't able to do this weekend.

I'm also trying to catch up on what happened in the Blogsphere.

I've been told that there was a rally by the communists and anti-semites of ANSWER today in Boston (and that the Freepers were there). I can't wait for pictures. Heh.

More later

Friday, September 26, 2003

To all those out there who are going to be celebrating Rosh Hashanah, a

Shanah Tovah T'katevu--Happy New Year

And for everyone else, have a great weekend!

Blogging will resume here at JawsBlog on Gimmel Tishrei Tav-Shin-Samech-Dalet (3 Tishrei 5764).
[Otherwise known as Sunday Night]

Crazy French People

I'm sure you've seen the latest ingenious project to come out of France...

Oh, you haven't? Well, from the same people in France that brought you the book claiming that a plane never hit the Pentagon, comes: The 52 Most Dangerous American Dignitaries--The Bush Regime Card Deck

It's sickeningly twisted (their deck that is). They also think 9/11 was a big American conspiracy as well.

But on the lighter side of things, for those on the American Right with a sense of humor, I saw on Fox News this AM the 52 Most Dangerous Liberals in America Deck

If you're going to make a parody...at least make it tasteful. Got that weasels?

Drug Implant: Hope or Horror

A story which ran on page A1 of today's Globe was: Drug implant offers hope, spurs worry

Now strictly from a technological standpoint, this is simply awesome. It shows how far we've advanced in medical technology. Granted, it has some drawbacks, like the inability to titrate the drugs in some scenarios, but I'd assume researchers are already busy working on an enhanced version.

The article rightfully points out that a lot of psychatric problems can be managed with medications, and that one of the problems is that in some cases patients don't take their meds which leads to further issues. If you don't take the meds to control the condition, well you're not going to get better.

However, there are the obvious moral issues and I guess constitutional issues. The obvious question that will arise is if a state can mandate the treatment (of a mentally ill individual). Is it an invasion of privacy? Or is the potential benefit to the common good [of the individual and society] outweight that?

Some potential betterment to society issues include: decreased hospitalization of some patients. A possible reduction in homelessness (with mentally ill individuals being medically treated). Would this also lower the general costs to society? Could treatment of disorders lead to less crime?

But at the same time, the forced administration of medicine could be an invasion of privacy. Does gov't have a right to do it?

Legislating Backpack Weight?

When I got a copy of today's Boston Globe and flipped through it, I immediately notice this story: Legislature takes up issue of student loads; Bill filed to limit weight of public schools' books

I read the article, and shook my head with disbelief.

For starters, the goverment shouldn't be legislating things such as backpack weights--that steps way over its bounds. I mean how are they going to enforce such a rule?

Second, what ever happened to lockers? When I was in school, I didn't lug my textbooks with me everywhere; if I didn't need 'em, I kept them in my locker. Other teachers didn't have us use the book(s) in class, so we were told to keep 'em at home. So maybe every so often you have to lug a few books...big deal!

Third, for the most part, in recent years, textbook sizes have been decreasing. I have two younger siblings, and I've noticed this trend with their books. Maybe with the exception of some history texts and my HS Physics book (which my sister also had).

Fifth, I'm suprised that there are 4000+ ER visits related to backpacks (nationwide I believe) per year. That's very perplexing. But I don't think legislating will do anything to fix this problem.

This is crazy...

Good Editorials (Unlike the Boston Globe)

I'd suggest reading:

Krauthammer's piece titled: From Partisanship to Pathology, especially since he takes it to Sen. Ted "Swimmer" Kennedy (D-MA)

Rich Lowry has a funny piece titled: What Democrats Believe

Joel Mowbray's piece, which states the obvious: Pundits posing as reporters

Bruce Bartlett says: The Laffer Curve Works!

and Mona Charen has a though provoking piece called: Who can You Trust?

As for the Globe, there was a blame Israel letter; and a blame Israel editorial as well.

Thursday, September 25, 2003
Clark's Political Suicide

Drudge is breaking a story on comments that, Presidential Candidate Gen (ret) Wesley Clark made at the Pulaski County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner in Little Rock, Arkansas on May 11, 2001, General Clark declared:

"And I'm very glad we've got the great team in office, men like Colin Powell, Don Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Paul O'Neill - people I know very well - our president George W. Bush. We need them there."

Clark is also on record saying the following about President Bush:

Clark on President George Bush: "President George Bush had the courage and the vision... and we will always be grateful to President George Bush for that tremendous leadership and statesmanship."

and either in that speech or at another time, Clark is on record saying the following about Reagan:

"We were really helped when President Ronald Reagan came in. I remember non-commissioned officers who were going to retire and they re-enlisted because they believed in President Reagan."

Clark continued: "That's the kind of President Ronald Reagan was. He helped our country win the Cold War. He put it behind us in a way no one ever believed would be possible. He was truly a great American leader. And those of us in the Armed Forces loved him, respected him, and tremendously admired him for his great leadership."

Wow! Should all this really be true, Clark is going to be all but sunk. It's virtual heresy in this years Dem Primary to praise Bush and his Administration, and praising Reagan is almost always a no-no in Democrat strategy books. I mean look at all the momentum Dean has gained thus far simply by bashing President Bush?

This may be the begining of the end for Clark.

What would a Brandeis Bake Sale look like?

In light of the Afirmative Action bake sale that was recently held at SMU, I've come up with the following (humor) idea for a Brandeis Bake Sale:

(Prices are arbitrary, I'm just playing with numbers)

--White or Israeli Jewish Students from the NY/NJ Area: $1.50
--White or Israeli Jewish Students from MA: $1.25
--White/Israeli Jewish Students from elsewhere in the US: $1.00
--Non-Jewish Students from Mass.: $0.75
--Non-Jewish Students: $0.50
--Indian and Asian (includes SE Asia) Students: $0.50
--International Students: $0.50
--Black and Hispanic Students: $0.25
--People willing to openly admit that they're a Republican/Conservative: Free
*all cookies and baked goods are Kosher

Any other ideas?

Edward Said: Dead

Colombia University professor of literature, and pro-palestinian terrorist appologist, and founder of the bullshit theory of "Orientalism", Edward Said has passed away of Lukemia.

Long time readers of this blog know just how much I disliked Said, and how bonk his theories are. For more information on Said, visit posts by these bloggers: Emperor Misha, Hootinan, Amish Tech Support.

And for more on Said and Middle-Eastern studies, check out Campus Watch (note: I have a piece on their site that is recommended reading too!)

Update: Here's two prior columns on Said, one by Stanley Kurtz and one by the JCPA: THE FALSE PROPHET OF PALESTINE: IN THE WAKE OF THE EDWARD SAID REVELATIONS

Edwards Makes some Waves

Edwards admits trial lawyers are bad.

Next up at 11, the ghost of Richard Nixon starts a jazz band.
[via someone's AIM away message]

This comes on the heels of report that Sen. Edwards (D-NC) has missed 90% of Senate votes...

Return of the Afirmative Action Bake Sale

From something that first made headlines in CA (at UCLA in Feb and May and up at Berkley)

Now, the Affirmative Action Bake Sale returns....this time at Southern Methodist University (SMU)

I could've gotten a cookie for 50 cents! That's a steal! (especially compared to Aramark's prices).

But the ignorant quote of the article, is as follows

Matt Houston, a 19-year-old sophomore, called the group's price list offensive.

"My reaction was disgust because of the ignorance of some SMU students," said Houston, who is black. "They were arguing that affirmative action was solely based on race. It's not based on race. It's based on bringing a diverse community to a certain organization."

Uh...doesn't a "diverse community" depend on race as a factor in that "diversity"?

Political Entertainment

No, I didn't watch the California Debate this evening (so, that's not what I mean by entertainment).

But here is the OMC Handy-Dandy List of Websites Opposing Dem Candidates [note: many are by other Dems].

Enjoy! (Hat tip to the Ole Miss Conservative for the list)

Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Is the GOP tacking back to its Conservative Base?

Came across two interesting articles this afternoon, which raise speculation that the GOP (or perhaps just President Bush) is attempting to tack back to the right, perhaps in an effort to shore up its [social and fiscal] conservative base--who have been dissapointed recently with the President.

On the social conservatism side: Marriage law eyed for GOP platform

Then on the fiscal side, Park Service controversy over outsourcing: The Senate may resurrect a Bush plan to farm out park jobs to the private sector

It'll be interesting to see how these things evolve...

'Animal-Friendly' Mall in Texas?!?!

Perhaps it's just me, but I was under the impression that for the most part, Texas was a state where PETA folk didn't do very much...

But now comes along the following story about a mall where

The landlord imposed strict rules on tenants requiring that no meat or animal product [including leather--ed.] be sold in their stores, and that no animals – including ants – be harmed.

While this landlord has a right to dictate the rules of her property, I think that this is an absurd idea. Perhaps Misha, Laurence, Serenity, Rachel Lucas, Dok Russia and some other Texan VRWC bloggers need to have a meet-up in Austin and visit this mall.

Party's Over!

JPost: Undercover troops break up Tanzim party; 12 arrested

In a dramatic anti-terror operation, Border Police in an undercover unit disguised as Arabs sneaked into a cafe in Nablus where armed Tanzim fugitives were holding an operational meeting.

Military sources said the Border Police overpowered the fugitives and arrested 12 of them, who turned out to be top Tanzim terrorists and a number of "ticking bombs," a euphemism for a suicide bomber.

Military sources said they had intelligence information that the fugitives were meeting late Monday at the Abu Rabha Cafe" in the Rafidiyeh neighborhood of Nablus. Most of the fugitives were from the Balata refugee camp

That's one way to crash a party....but why not consider rewarding the IDF troops with a party of their own: get 'em some Pizza! Or send them some honey and chocolate--for a sweet new year!


Okay, this is a far deviation from the usual fare here on my blog. I was going through the Dead-Tree version of the Justice, and I saw the headline for this letter, and was shocked. I was very suprised that the Justice would first off decide to run this letter, as it'll open up a firestorm.

The letter is from an alum, who I remember from my first two years here at the school. This guy was, um, how can I put it politely....very, very, very out there. He was bright and all, but he lacked tact and was just a bit too far. He's also, very, very, very, very religious.

He's the same individual who was mentioned in regards to this incident last year.

So with that disclaimer, you can go read the letter.

[note: this blog does not agree with the main thesis of his letter (that its a crime) though he does make some good arguments in the course of the letter (specifically his defense of Justice Scalia)]. But otherwise, I can't believe he'd write this. (The letter last week Defending Scalia and his reasoning was much, much better)

Tuesday, September 23, 2003
The Justice is Out!

Yes, it's Tuesday, meaning that the latest issue of the Brandeis paper "The Justice" is out!

Now what is the first thing that we do when the Justice comes out? We go straight to the Police Blotter! (Do not pass Go! Do not collect $200! Go stright to reading the blotter). It's one of the best parts of the paper.

Hmm...what else is in the news this week (at first glance)...

Looks like some first years are really gonna get screwed: First-years may get new roommates in triples. Yeah, that sucks for them...but alas, we do have a housing crunch, plus a mid-year entering class.

In "buisnes" news...Contract with Coke in limbo. So from what I gather, since the "Expressway" (C-store) sells Pepsi products, Coke may be upset. Fair enough. I personally perfer Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke (My house lives on Diet Pepsi--but that's another story), but I try not to shop at the C-store if possible. Why? Because it's a huge, huge rip-off. But this is just a funny story.

It looks like Hillel may be dragged back into the news, as Chabad wants recognition as a club, yet doesn't want to go under the Hillel Umbrella. Hmmm....interesting....this could turn out to be something much more.

And finally (for now at least) there's this article about a first-year who was DQ'ed from the Student Gov't elections because she had a link to the elections page on AIM. I don't know who this girl is, but I sort of feel bad for her. At the same time, I have no idea as to what the election rules are either, so I'm gonna withold judgement on this whole story. Perhaps the elections committee should update their rules?

More from the Justice later

They Said What?

From the Ha'aretz (English) Ticker:

05:12 Saudi diplomat: Saudi Arabia tried to act against terror before Sept. 11, 2001, but had met resistance from U.S.

Silly Fraudis...

Noteable Quotes

"Do images of those fighting on the peaks of Afghanistan or in the desert of Iraq, when juxtaposed to the rallies on our elite campuses, suggest that a populist military is doing a better or worse job than our privileged universities in training our youth to be educated, well-spoken, and rational?" --Victor Davis Hanson

"Modern Democrats insist on confronting thugs and tyrants with tea and sympathy. This approach was expressed indelibly by Michael Dukakis in 1988, who, when asked during the debates with George H.W. Bush how he would deal with a rapist in his wife's bedroom, offered to set up a blue-ribbon commission to study the root causes of crime. Poor Kitty Dukakis was to be left in her nightie to deal with the brute while the little Duke hurried off in search of ribbons." --Wesley Pruden

Monday, September 22, 2003
Who Said This

"As for the political leaders themselves, President Bush and Tony Blair should be proud of their resolve in the face of so much doubt."

Did you guess Gen (Ret.) [turned candidate] Wesley Clark? If not, you should've. It's from an April 10th piece he wrote for the London (UK) Times (reposted here)

Clark--Busted Again!

Wow...just a few days into the campaign, and Clark is getting busted by his own lies. He better be shoving booth of his boots in his mouth at this rate.

Many remember the "after 9/11 someone from the White House called me to say that Iraq was involved" story...so I won't revisit it.

Clark's latest claim ran in Newsweek when he reportedly told Colorado Gov. Bill Owens (R): "'I WOULD HAVE BEEN A REPUBLICAN IF KARL ROVE HAD RETURNED MY PHONE CALLS'... "

But, it turns out...that Clark NEVER CALLED Rove!

Ouch. That'll sting....badly I may add.

Slow News Days

Wow....it's really been a couple of very slow days in terms of the news to say the least (save for news from Iraq and Clark entering the race).

I guess that gives me more incentives to do schoolwork...but I need editorial article ideas...thoughts?


Just a brief jeering session right now...

So Yom Kippur is from a Sunday night to Monday this year. okay, that's how it falls. No biggie.

However, I've got both a test and a paper due on the Tuesday following Yom Kippur (boo! Hiss!)

The paper I'm not that worried about, as I'll likely have it completed before then. On the other hand, I'm upset about the test, for obvious reasons. And unfortunately due to mid-term grades being do, the instructor can't reschedule it. Booo! Hiss!

Okay and that's my rant.

Fire up the Pizza Ovens!

IDF Troops kill Hamas leader in Hebron

Let Misha know if you're going to sponsor a pizza!

Sunday, September 21, 2003
More on Sen. Kennedy's comments

So earlier this week, I blogged about Sen. Ted "Swimmer" Kennedy's (D-MA) comments regarding the war in Iraq

Did Sen. Kennedy think he'd get away with those remarks unscathed? I'd really, really hope not.

For starters, Rush Limbaugh (as usual) was all over Kennedy for his ass-backwards thinking.

Then, House Majority Leader, Tom DeLay (R-TX), took a shot back at Kennedy. According to this article from Fox News, DeLay said:

DeLay said Democratic leaders like House Minority LeaderNancy Pelosi (search), Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, and presidential hopefuls John Kerry and Howard Dean should tell Kennedy to rein in his accusations.

"I call on all the vociferous Democrat critics ... to have the courage to tell their hero Ted Kennedy that he went too far," DeLay said in a statement released Friday. "Are they leaders or are they just liberal pundits?"

"It's disturbing that Democrats have spewed more hateful rhetoric at President Bush then they ever did at Saddam Hussein," DeLay said.

But Kennedy felt like launching another shot back at DeLay (woohoo! A Congressional Rumble!) saying [via same source]:

"Once again, Republican leaders are avoiding key questions about the Administration's policies by attacking the patriotism of those who question them. Our troops, their families, and the American people deserve answers, not more politics as usual," he said.

Uh, Sen. Swimmer--would you like to indicate how DeLay attacked "the patriotism of those who question them"? I don't see any such attack by the Representative from Texas.

And it looks like two presidential wanna be's chimed in on the debate too.

The French looking Senator from MA, John Kerry, who served in Vietnam:

"Tom DeLay is a bully," Kerry, of Massachusetts, said. "He tried to bully Democrats in Texas and we're not going to accept his shrill partisan attacks or allow him to suggest that patriotism belongs to one political party."

Again, DeLay is a texan which is why he may have done work in his State. Plus the Dems shouldn't have bolted, but that's now a dead issue. And look who is accusing who of shrill partisan tactics....and since when did the GOP monopolize patriotism? You've been drinking the Kool-aid again haven't you.

Then Howard "Nikita" Dean decides to chime in as well:

Dean had a similar reaction: "I'll tell you what I think: Tom DeLay is going too far by stealing six Democratic seats from the legislature in Texas, reapportioning in a sleazy way after it has already been done," Dean said while campaigning in New Hampshire. "So I call on Tom DeLay to stop trying to steal the Democratic election in Texas, then we will talk."

Okay, let's put this Texas thing to rest now. After the census state's have to redistrict based on Congressional seat gains/losses (which are related to the Census). So from what I understand, the GOP controls both the Texas House and Senate. Therefore, they're obviously going to draw the new maps to favor their party. That's how politics work--after all, politics is "who gets what, when and how".

So Dr. Dean--the reapportioning apparently hasn't been done. If it was done, this would be a moot point. No? And how is DeLay responsible for everything that goes on in his home state? And they're not "stealing" anything either. This goes on in every state--you should know that governor. This is politics--pure and simple--and in this case, the GOP has the advantage.

In a late entry to the game, President Bush is also responding to Swimmer's comments saying:

President Bush on Sunday described as "uncivil" Sen. Edward Kennedy (search)'s critical remarks of the administration's policies in Iraq.

In an exclusive Oval Office interview with Fox News' Brit Hume, Bush said that while he respected Kennedy, the senator "should not have said we were trying to bribe foreign nations."

"I don't mind people trying to pick apart my policies, and that's fine and that's fair game," Bush said in the interview that will air Monday night. "But, you know, I don't think we're serving our nation well by allowing the discourse to become so uncivil that people say -- use words that they shouldn't be using."

Note: Here's where Dean got the "Nikita" nickname. The "swimmer" one should be obvious

Work or Football

I've got a major dilema on my hands.

For the first time this year, the Cleveland Browns game are actually on TV here in Boston
I've also got homework to do....

What do I do? Such a dilema, no?

VRWC Book Alert: New Reagan Book!

It looks like members of the VRWC are going to be flocking to their local bookstores (or their favorite online realtors) and buying this latest book about President Regan. It's a compilation of his many, many letters, titled: Reagan: A Life in Letters.

Time Magazine gave a write-up on the book here; but I think it's very safe to say that despite Time's claims to the contrary, President Bush isn't another Reagan (well at least in terms of domestic agenda he isn't. Just look at how the size of gov't has grown).

But I have a feeling that members of the VRWC are gonna be rushing out to get their hands on a copy of this book when it's released on September 23rd

Update: JaySolo shares his thoughts on the book (and he wants to get a copy too!)

Gen. Clark: Saddam Not a Criminal

Wow..Clark must really be trying to steal from Howard "Nekitta" Dean's playbook. Remember Dean wasn't sure if Saddam's fall from power was a good thing?

Well, now Newsmax is reporting that in an interview with Fortune Magazine, Clark said:

Asked why it was right for President Clinton to use military force to halt Slobodan Milosevic's crimes against humanity in Kosovo, but not for President Bush to do the same thing against Saddam, Clark said that in Iraq, "The imminence of stopping a guy from committing a crime in progress - it wasn't there."

"In Kosovo you had ethnic cleansing actually unfolding, and we had intervened to stop it," the ex-NATO commander insisted, without commenting on the torture chambers, rape rooms and mass graves discovered in Iraq by coalition forces.

Hmmm...how quickly Clark seems to forget about (among other things), Hussein's jailing of children, Uday and Qusay's raping and torture practices and that's just the tip of the iceberg

Oh, and let's not forget Saddam funding terrorism (more)...Yeah...sure he wasn't

And now this guy is the Dem front runner?

Saturday, September 20, 2003
Random Things

Zogby Blog informed me about this study on binge drinking from Harvard which correlates the price of beer to binge drinking.

I think that this argument is off the mark. While that may be one cause of binge drinking, I think the bigger problem is that most people don't know their limits. Couple that with the fact that once inebriated, people don't listen to their friends who tell them that they've had too much.

I also seem to have another visitor to my blog, who says, and I quote

Maybe you could write about how much of a shock you and your fellow neocons are in for next year. Then again, your cluelessness about the election is rather humorous. So please, for the sake of my entertainment, say something stupid.

First off, I'm not a neocon. When I first registered to vote, I registered as a Republican. Granted, I was more of a centrist back then, but I've since become more conservative. We could also go into the whole "What is a neocon" thing, but that's been overused way too much.

Also, my "cluelessness about the election"? Face it, Dean has no chance of winning the Presidency should he win the Dem nomination. He's way, way, way too liberal, and that will kill him. Wesley Clark--it's too early to tell, but there's a lot of stuff that could easily shoot him down--especially the fact that he lacks political experience. (is that the stupid thing you wanted to hear?)

Espionage? Treason

That's what is being reported about a Muslim Chaplain who worked at Gitmo.

This isn't good...

Friday, September 19, 2003
Weekend Stuff

So I guess I have a semi-busy weekend. I've got at least one lacrosse practice, and perhaps a second one. I've got two parties to attend (granted, I can't drink at 'em, but I attend anyway). I do have some books on genetics, transgenic animals and molecular manipulation from the library I should read...'should' being the imparitive word.

One of my suitemates went to Target yesterday and decided to buy an 1000 piece puzzle, and a 4 (of the six of us) were sitting around last night just doing the puzzle. It's addicting (in an unconcious way) and I think that I'll be drawn to working on the puzzle a lot (in addtion to my suitemates). There's just something about puzzles...ya know?

I think on Sunday I'm gonna also start working on my next piece for the newspaper. Anyone have any ideas for a topic I can write on? (Suggestions are very welcome)!


So I was in my suitemates room, and his window faces directly towards another dorm building (for Brandeis people it faces Ziv 129).

So I'm in his room and I notice something out of the window, and what do I notice? A USSR flag hanging in a window!

Yes, a USSR flag, red with the hammer and scythe (or is it a sickle?) Either way it's a USSR flag! Does that mean the commies have begun to infiltrate the campus? (Or does someone have a twisted sense of humor?)

If its the former, I think we've gotta get in touch with the Ashcroft Jackboot Brigades!

He's gone off the road again

Sen. Ted "Swimmer" Kennedy (D-MA) seems to have gone off the road again...now claiming:

"The case for going to war against Iraq was a fraud ’’made up in Texas’’ to give Republicans a political boost"

In an interview with The Associated Press, Kennedy also said the Bush administration has failed to account for nearly half of the $4 billion the war is costing each month. He said he believes much of the unaccounted-for money is being used to bribe foreign leaders to send in troops.

This comes from the same man who on September 27, 2002 said:

"We have known for many years that Saddam Hussein is seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction."

Speaking of "unnacounted for" Ted...where'd all that Big Dig money go? And what about Chappaquiddick?

More on the Dem Primary: Clue at DU? And Clark--the waffler

Look at the following post that John Little found over at DU. I like John's idea of Lieberman-Chomsky stickers. That would be very funny.

And so now Clark who it seemed was trying to paint himself as an anti-war candidate (and in the process potentially squash some of Dean's momentum) has now said he likely would've voted for the Iraq resolution.

So what's Clark up to? He's pulling a Kerry-like move....not to mention the fact that he's stealing Kerry's staff

Now the Democratic primary is starting to become interesting....

Update: Clark waffles again! Now he's saying "I would never have voted for this war". Now he and Dean can fight over who gets to be named waffler....

The democrat primary

So now there are ten people involved in the circus for the Dem nomination. I'd say that off the top of my head, four can automatically be ruled out: Mosley-Braun, Graham, Sharpton, Kucinich.

I had Fox News on this morning (like I do every morning), to hear the headlines and any major news. I'm usually doing something else while it's on, so I don't give it my undivided attention.

So all of the sudden there's a commercial break and someone starts saying: "what if you were the last one to be sent to Vietnam....what if you were the last one to be killed in Vietnam..."

The voice then goes "meet John Kerry, he earned [fill in the medals] in Vietnam then came back to protest the war...and he's ready to lead the fight for you the people"

By then I'd just broken down in laughter. Kerry is still trying to run on this whole "I served in Vietnam" shtick. And now he's doing the "I served, then I protested" thing....sounds a lot like his current song and dance, with him having voted for the Iraq resolution and now backpeddling from that vote.

I just had to laugh really hard at that. I'm also surpised he'd pay for an ad on that evil republican controlled network Fox News.

Thursday, September 18, 2003
War against France?

Uber-famous Brandeis alumnus Tom Friedman wrote in the NY Times, that we're "at war" with France (or at least in a proxy war with them .

So since Friedman said it, does that mean Brandeis should declare war against France

Interesting Developments

In response to the following post of mine (from yesterday), the wise, humorous and creative Dr. Jal of Idiotarian.com left the following comment:

The most important thing here is the confirmation of the Iraqi-Qaida connection.

Personally, I think that Iraq was directly connected to 9-11, and the 93 WTC bombing, and Oklahoma. I started to believe about a year ago, that the first gulf war might have been much more about preventing Saddam from acquiring nuke technology from Pakistan.

If, and I mean a really BIG if, it is true that the US led Iraq to believe that we would not react if he took Kuwait, OR if he took Kuwait because he was essentially telling us to go fuck ourselves for opposing the sale of nukes to Iraq, that would leave two really pissed off groups. Saddam, and Pakistan. The same Pakistan who's ISI still supports al-Qaida to this day. And they used Saudis to do it, because they were also pissed at the house of Fraud for supporting America in 91.

I like getting comments from readers, and I usually reply to them in the comments thread, though part of what Dr. Jal said is important (and thus bolded).

We know that Iraq and Al-queda had ties, that's for certain.

Today, Tom of Hootinan blogged the following Iraq Linked To '93 WTC Bombing.

That would vindicate what Dr. Jal said about Iraq having ties to the first WTC attack.

As for Iraq having ties to the OKC bombing in 1995, there are people out there who have compiled evidence to make a rather good case. See this WSJ editorial, and Jayna Davis' website. Davis is an OKC investigative reporter who has been examining a ME connection to the bombing since 1995...and I've heard her interviewed on the radio, and she sounds like she has a good case, alas, I'm still reserving judgement on this.

Regarding the last scenario Dr. Jal mentioned, I've never heard of this, so I guess I'll have to start looking into it. But I agree that there are still Al-Queda and ISI ties, and one of the things Al-queda [I should say Bin-Laden] was mad about was that Fraudi Arabia didn't allow Arabs to beat back Hussein, and that they allowed the infidels to base in their "holy land"

Update: Just found this article: DIA says Pakistan backed al Qaeda

Senate Democrats Fail to Block Nuke Funds

Senate Democrats Fail to Block Nuke Funds

Republicans said the money was needed to examine how the nuclear arsenal could be adapted to protect Americans from threats in the post-Cold War era, such as terrorists armed with weapons of mass destruction. They stressed the money would be used only for research and not to build new bombs.

"The idea of being able to use a redesigned nuclear weapon to keep a terrorist from hitting us with a nuclear weapon is something we've got to come to grips with because it's part of the war on terrorism," said Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

There was an issue of Science Magazine a few issues ago, which briefly addressed this topic in an article--put not from a political viewpoint. It was more about the physics of the whole idea, specifically the development of a bunker buster that's able to penetrate deep enough into the ground to detonate without above-ground fall-out. In short--there are physics issues that need examined, and I think that should be the first of any steps taken.

But part of me just wants to smerk at the fact that the ammendment against this part of the project was proposed by none other than Ted "Swimmer" Kennedy (D-MA), and he got defeated. Hehehe.

Oh, and it's about time congress passed an energy bill!

Got Another One

The IDF keeps up the good work! Back to handing out candy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Baghdad Bob--HE'S BACK!

He's Back!!! Hooray!!! I loved his press conferences during the war...here' s his latest:

Iraq's Former Information Minister Says Saddam Mishandled War

Here's the complete transcript from Al-Jazeerah. (I can't believe I'm linking to Al-Jezeera)

Stupid Liberals--Rummy isn't gonna be fired

So the loony leftists behind that whole "MoveOn" get up, must have too much time on their hands. They've got a new campaign...to get everyones favorite SECDEF fired: Donald Rumsfeld

Among MoveOn's sillier arguments for giving Rummy a pink slip:

the President is asking Congress for a staggering $87 billion blank check

Did you catch the oxymoron in that line?

Army is strained and stressed," said another general last week (WaPo 9/14/03)

Which is why $66b of the $87b are going to the armed forces to expand them after the cuts that took place due to reduced (post- Cold War) spending in the 90s. And you people claim to support the troops.

The U.S. occupation of Iraq now costs about $1 billion a WEEK -- as much as the Federal Government spends on after school programs for the entire year

I've got to ask...why should the Federal Goverment even be spending money on after school programs?

Suicide attacks and bombings throughout Iraq are becoming a daily occurrence

They are? I haven't heard of one in the last 48+ hours I don't think. That's not very daily.

Yeah....that's just a sampling of the logic behind MoveOn's latest campaign. I've got an ingenious idea....what if instead of continuing to waste money on fruitless causes like they do now, MoveOn donate it to charity...to help people who they claim to speak for....

Name that voice!

Multiple Choice question!!!

So is the tape "demanding that U.S. troops withdraw from Iraq and saying that their defeat is inevitable." by:

a) Dennis Kucinich
b) MoveOn.org
c) Saddam Hussein
d) Howard Dean
e) ANSWER/NOIN/UFPJ (et. al)

Leave your guess in the comments

When Did they Say Otherwise

Bush: No Link Between Iraq, Sept. 11 Attacks

Okay, besides speculation that Atta may have met with an Iraqi Intel agent in Prague, when did the President or any other administration figure come out saying that there was an Iraq-September 11th connection?

Despite the fact that 60-70% of the population believed there was one (for some reason yet to be known), I don't think there was any formal linkage of the two.

However, the Al-queda--Iraq links have been made.


Sadly, it looks like I'm having my first day of being sick this semester. Sigh. I think I'm gonna go take a nap, and hopefully I'll be better for the two meetings that I have this evening here at school.

Tuesday, September 16, 2003
We Shall Emerge Victorious

My opinion column from the 9/18/03 version of the Brandeis Free Press

"We Shall Emerge Victorious"

For the past couple of weeks, many Democrat Lawmakers, Presidential candidates and liberal pundits
have been taking shots at President Bush for his management of Iraq and the "“War on Terror". The President's critics,in an exhibition of their visceral hate for him, even descended to the point of blaming attacks on our troops, the UN compound and Shiite clerics on the administration because it was America's fault for making Iraq a less safe place.

These same critics, are described by columnist John Podhoretz as "those who approached the deadly serious issues of foreign policy and American security with the sneering attitude of an adolescent saying 'What-ever' to an adult who has the temerity to suggest that driving 95 m.p.h. down a curvy and dangerous country road with an open beer can in your hand isn't really the wisest or safest course.

Well, the ride is over, as the adult has put his foot down, and taken the keys away from these joy-riders. This adult is President Bush-and he addressed the nation on September 7th-honestly, somberly and seriously about the challenges and responsibilities facing the nation.

The speech came four days before the second anniversary of the September 11th attacks, which forever
changed America and after a month that saw large scale bombings of both the UN compound in Baghdad and at a Mosque in Najaf. These latest attacks reminded Americans about what terrorists want and the barbaric means to which they will go in order to achieve these goals.

This is the same barbarism which we have, unfortunately, seen take the lives of 68
brave and valiant American troops. These terrorist attacks are not with out a purpose, as the terrorists have a goal, as President Bush said: "There is more at work in these attacks than blind rage. The terrorists have a strategic goal. They want us to leave Iraq before our work is done. They want to shake the will of the civilized world."

Even those who opposed the war in the first place, theoretically, should be able to see the threat that withdrawing our troops,or cutting and running,before Iraq has been stabilized would pose to the United States and Iraq. As Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez said, "The only way we will fail in this country is if we decide to walk away in Iraq and fight the next battle in the war on terrorism in America."

Yet, such a scenario doesn't deter some in the anti-war crowd, including many on the left, such as presidential candidate Howard Dean who said "ours (troops) need to come home" from calling for the withdrawal of all US forces from the country, so that they can be replaced by UN and NATO troops that are less capable and far inferior to the members of the United States armed forces.

It is attitudes like the ones exhibited by Dean and others on the left and those of the fringe right, which feed into the terrorists drive. As President Bush said in his address, "We have learned that terrorist attacks are not caused by the use of strength. They are invited by the perception of weakness. And the surest way to avoid attacks on our own people is to engage the enemywhere he lives and plans. We are fighting that enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan today so that we do not meet him again on our own streets, in our own cities."

As Brendan Miniter pointed out his September 9th opinion column for the Wall Street Journal, where did every American stand in the aftermath of September 11th, 2001 when it was time to confront the enemy who seeks to destroy us?

As the President said on September 7th, "Two years ago, I told the Congress and the country that the War on Terror would be a lengthy war, a different kind of war, fought on many fronts in many places'. "Iraq is now the central front. Enemies of freedom are making a desperate stand there - and there they must be defeated."

As Miniter argued, "but for too long as a nation we've allowed our culture, driven
by a fear of offending anyone, to drift toward timidity."

We are engaged in a battle of good versus evil-a battle which will test our resolve as Americans.
We must drift away from this timidity, back to the resolve and determination that an overwhelming majority of the American public had after the September 11th attacks.

Howard Dean, some of the other Democrat presidential candidates and some others on the Left try to offer us the middleground in this War on Terror.

However, this is a battle between good and evil, pure and simple, and within it there is no middleground.
The terrorists are now coming into Iraq and exposing themselves to us-our forces should take advantage of this opportunity to go apprehend or kill them before they can cause any more harm to our nation.

As President Bush said in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks: "Our nation, this generation,
will lift the dark threat of violence from our people and our future. We will not tire, we will not
falter and we will not fail."

Indeed, we must not tire nor falter so that we will not fail,for in the end, we shall emerge victorious.

What took 'em so long

Feds to Adopt Single Terror Watch List

All I can say, is what took them so long? And why wasn't this done ages ago?

On that note, what took the US so long to come out and say the obvious: Bush Administration Blames Syria for Terrorists Entering Iraq

Syria (search) still is allowing terrorists to cross the border into Iraq and kill U.S. soldiers, the Bush administration charged on Tuesday.

Undersecretary of State John Bolton (search) also told a House hearing that Syria continues to support Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad -- groups the United States considers terrorists.

He repeated accusations that Syria continues to develop weapons of mass destruction, including "one of the most advanced Arab-state chemical weapons capabilities."

What took 'em so long

Feds to Adopt Single Terror Watch List

All I can say, is what took them so long? And why wasn't this done ages ago?

Justice Blogging!

The latest issue of the Brandeis newspaper The Justice is out, and oh boy, there's real news this week (besides the Police Blotter)! There's even a few postings worth! (wow!)

Let's see...we've got crime, [potential] scandels, intrigue...ooh...

Let's start with Crime (aside from the Police Blotter--which is always a great read). Someone (or some people), stole the flat screen plasma tv from the new campus center. Boo! You bastards (whoever you are)! I'm wondering, does the new campus center have security cameras in it? If it doesn't, shouldn't it (for reasons like this?)

Stats on the new first year class are out. There are 827 students, more women then men...and as usual, it seems like most of the students are from, where else: MA, NY and NJ....

Now for the "intrigue" part of the Justice...Hillel is in the news twice! First off, there's suspicion in the Student Senate about an "emergency" money request from Hillel.

Then, Hillel is also in the news, over money handling issues, with one of their most popular sub-grops, the pro-Israel club ZAHAV (Zionists for Historical Accuracy and Veracity), who may pull out from the Hillel Umbrella [cue the: "dum dum dum" soundbite].

And speaking of the police blotter, who is the idiot who did donuts on the Baseball field???

More blogging on the Justice in subsequent posts

Monday, September 15, 2003
No Respect

That's all we've gotta say about Rep. Patty Murray (D-WA) over her holding a $1000/plate fund raiser on the morning of 9/11/03 in DC. Even worse, it was held between 8:30-9:30AM; the time window when the planes hit the towers.

This is the same idiotarian Representative who in December of 2002, made the Idiotarian.com "Hall of Idiots"with this as part of her entry:

Why is terrorist leader Osama bin Laden so popular in some parts of the world?

Perhaps, said Sen. Patty Murray, it's because he and his supporters have spent years building good will in poor nations by helping pay for schools, roads and other infrastructure.

"How would they look at us today if we had been there helping them with some of that rather than just being the people who are going to bomb in Iraq and go to Afghanistan?"

New Lies From the Left

So apparently the tools over at MoveOn have decided to waste more money with a new project. They're going to point out Bush's "misleading" words in the SOTU (because of the 16 words about Niger....yeah go figure).

Here's their wording:

accurate daily chronicle for journalists of mis-representations, distortions and downright misleading statements by President Bush and the Bush Administration

So let's see what today's quotes are...

On the Economy:
Bush: "We will not pass along our problems to other Congresses, to other presidents
and other generations."

The truth: Factoring in the cost of reconstruction in Iraq and other laws
that are set to be enacted, the federal budget deficit is close to $5
trillion over the next 10 years. The President's latest request to make his
tax cuts permanent would add another nearly $1.6 trillion to the federal debt
through 2013. That's $41,300 for every man, woman and child.

Okay, I've got some facts for you fools. The Iraq reconstrcution costs are a one time thing for starters. And if we have a defecit, that means the goverment is spending too much! So, let's CUT SOME SPENDING too. Hmmm....let's start by slashing the $80+ billion farm bill.

And what about passing on our problems...what about allowing the privitization of Social Security? What about Medicare reform? Forget that new Prescription drug bill from the Senate. Isn't that suppost to cost, oh, about $400 billion (at least)?

Then I think we should cut back on federal education spending (save for the DC vouchers). The Federal gov't shouldn't be paying for schooling, it should be up to states/cities/communities to do. That's just for starters....yeah....got that Democrats?

On Jobs:

My "first goal is an economy that [will] employ every man and woman who seeks
a job."

The truth: 2.5 million jobs have already been lost since 2001 and the
President's own economic advisors project that his economic plan - if
everything goes well - will create fewer jobs in the next year than were lost
in the last year. This will make President Bush the first president since
Hoover's Great Depression-era presidency to preside over an economy that has
lost more jobs than it's created.

Well yes, jobs have been a problem. But we first off underwent a recession--therefore jobs are lost. Then combine that with the burst of the "tech bubble" in the 90s, which put a lot more out of work. Then factor in 9/11, and the major effects it had on the New York and National economy.

But, the tax cuts are boosting the economy! The WSJ is reporting "Accelerated Economic Growth" [link via Zogby Blog] and also from Zogby Blog, this other piece from the WSJ: The Dividend Experiment

The economists always say that the last thing to happen in an economic recovery is the return of jobs....but they'll be back.

So as usual, STFU you folks....and FETE

Oh no! The Squashing of Dissent!

So according to USA today, "CNN's top war correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, says that the press muzzled itself during the Iraq war"

Oh no! The squashing of dissent!

And, she says CNN "was intimidated" by the Bush administration and Fox News, which "put a climate of fear and self-censorship."

Intimidated by the Bush Administration? Your station is constantly criticizing him...so how were you intimidated?
As for Fox News, what the hell do they have to do with it? Last time I checked, they didn't try to squash dissent or different opinions.

Fox News' spokesman came back with a great response:

Fox News spokeswoman Irena Briganti said of Amanpour's comments: "Given the choice, it's better to be viewed as a foot soldier for Bush than a spokeswoman for al-Qaeda."

And we should also mention, this is the same CNN that deliberately censored reports about what was really happening in Iraq under Saddam

Emperor Misha takes on Amanpour's comments too.

Now is it just me, or doesn't anyone else remember how during the war, there were the pundits and/or retired military personel in the studios saying it was a quagmire, that we needed more troops, etc.? Some "self-censorship" no?

Silly and Smart Globe Readers

The Globe had two letters in response to Jeff Jacoby's great piece: The war on America didn't begin on 9/11

One asshat wrote (likely citing his PLO revisionist history book) that the Jooos "expultion" of the arabs in 1948 lead to Islamic hate for America. And Israel is the evil state...

Then there was another letter, also by someone who must've been drinking the wacky kool-aid. His letter, titled: Jacoby added nothing to discussion

Some excerpts:

Tracing the beginning of this war to the storming of the US Embassy in Teheran in 1979 and using the term Islamofascism to describe the entire phenomenon of political Islam is the kind of historical revisionism and reductionism we must avoid in order to see clearly the tasks ahead of us.

No sir, this is not revisionist history nor is it reductionism, it's fact. Face it. And Islamofacism is a term used to describe radical Islam; not "political Islam" as you like to call it. (Have you been drinking the Edward Said punch?).

He criticizes US presidents from Carter to Clinton for their anemic responses to Islamofascism

And rightfully so, if I may say so myself.

with President Carter and especially during the Reagan administration, the United States actively engaged in a campaign of aiding the Afghan resistance against the Soviet occupation. In so doing the United States directly aided the very people who, by Jacoby's own admission, have presented an unbroken threat to the United States since 1979.

And by arming the Afghanis, they beat back the USSR (a.ka. The Evil Empire) and fought off the spread of communism. This also weakened the USSR, which was our strategic objective at the time. Also note, that the Afghani campaign predates the existance of Al-queda.

You can go read the rest of the letter yourself.

And finally, two people who have their heads on straight, rip the Ombudsman (Ombudswoman?) for refusing to call terrorists what they are

Here are the two letters:

Letter 1

Letter 2

Dean gets an endorsement....heh...

George McGovern: Dean's Campaign Reminds Me of Mine

In a quote picked up by U.S. News & World Report's "Washington Whispers," the aging Democrat observed that Dean's campaign "reminds me a lot of what we did 30 years ago."


Stupid 9th Circus Court

Stupid 9th Circut Circus Court of Appeals for delaying the CA Recall. I think that the basis of the decision is stupid, but that's not the point.

I dunno if it's just me, but I want al of this recall crap to be OVER WITH once and for all. I'm sick of hearing about Cirque-de-Sacremento on the news all the time. I just want the ballot to occur, an d everything to be over.

Is that really too much to ask for?

Money and Confusion

BC, the Imperial Torturer's post about Democrats calling for Tax Cuts [for buisnesses] really perplexes me. It seems like one of the Dems talking points is tax cuts are bad (throw in the "only for the rich" or another slogan). It seems very contradictory to say the least...Especially since most of the "rich" are the same ones who own a lot of buisnesses/corporations. Yeah...I'm perplexed to say the least.
[Historical note: Democrats haven't always been against tax-cuts; JFK pushed some through during his administration].

Speaking of money, Emperor Misha has a post up about personal wealth amongst US Senators. From the pie chart, it seems like it's not the GOP that's the "party of the wealthy". It's known that french looking Sen. John Kerry (who by the way served in Vietnam) is the richest man in the Senate (mainly through marriage). And going through the comments, it looks like Republicans raised more money from smalldonors [64% of which came in donations of less than $200]; while the Democrats got 92% of the money from the 23 donors who contributed at least $1 million. (Also see this)

So my question is....why don't the pundits just cut the slogans and crap and face up to the public with these facts? [easier said than done; I know]

Social Dynamics of a Freshman Dorm

[based on a post at WKIKYA]

I miss my freshman hall. Good times, good memories. For the Brandeis folk out there, I lived in East for my Freshman year. In short, the halls were very, very narrow, so it sort of "forces" people to bond. Lucky fo rme and my peers, we readily bonded--and shared a year full of ups and downs together. [more ups than downs]

Many of us who remain at the University are still good and close friends (I even live right now with three of my first-year hall mates)--and we reminice about the year.

So many memories, from the lounge, Pete's Pizza, football, the lounge, the quote board, the video games (way too many rounds of Goldeneye), prank wars, hall frisbee...oh, so many memories. Good times they were...

Though unlike the end of LilBucner's story, we really didn't drift off into the cliques--go figure. Granted, we are a very 'diverse" group...

Not so deep thoughts

Why do the laundry machines (more specifically the dryers) here at school suck so much?

Why haven't the Browns won a game yet this season?

Is it just me, or does anyone else think that it would be cool to ride in the PopeMobile?
[no offense to any catholics]

Why is monday the worst day of the week?

Anyone have any better ideas of how I can kill off boredom/waste time while I wait for my laundry?
(Yeah, I realize I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel here)

Sunday, September 14, 2003

No, I'm not discussing Coulter's book. Rather, I'm talking now about the Israeli left--primarilly those "peace activists" who visited with Yassir Terrorfat.

The Israeli Police is looking into this...and if you ask me, these people should be tried in court for treason.

Around the Blogsphere

Some things I've found around the blogsphere:

Matt Margolis catches fmr. Sec of State Madeline Albright trying to rewrite history, and nails her on it.

B.C. the Imperial Torturer reveals that there are Democrats calling for Tax Cuts

Over at LGF, Charles reveals that the Cleveland Plain Dealer listed popular places among Palestinians for dining, shopping, hanging out. and reveals some more about Cleveland's Imam (same post)

I added a comment contributing more information about Imam Damra, including his ties to Sami Al-Arian:

shaking head) I'm embarrased to be from Cleveland...

This is the same IMAM who was named as one of the "Unidentified individuals" in the ~50 page Al-Arian indictment.

Here's a blog post on that part of the story

And here's even more daming evidence

[note it appears the original Plain Dealer articles require Lexis-Nexis].

It should also be noted that a lot of the "palestinians" in Cleveland do live in Dennis Kucinich's Congressional district.....(come to your own conclusions)

Progress Report

In regards to my last posting....yeah, I'm out of shape. No questions asked.

After my run (and a shower), I buckled myself down to do some work. I read three articles for neurogenetics and two for cellular neuroscience (I won't mention the topics as I'd likely perplex all those who read this). I'm not sure what (schoolwork) I'll do next. Schoolwork can really suck at times...

At least I don't have to do layout for the Free Press this week. Woohoo! Oh, I"ll be posting my column shortly.

It's time for a spin around the blogsphere to see if there's anything interesting up today (sundays are usually very slow).

out of shape

Yeah, I'm out of shape. Why do I mention this? Simply because I have lacrosse conditioning practice this afternoon...
I'm hoping it goes better than I anticipate it will

Saturday, September 13, 2003
10 years later...what a mistake

10 Years ago the Oslo accords (link to the treaty text) were signed in Washington DC. Ten years later, it's obvious that the Oslo Accords failed miserably. Since their signing, over 1,227 innocent Israelis have been murdered by Arab terror.

Here's the Jerusalem Post's 'symposium' on how the accords failed. I'd have to suggest ignoring Uri Averny and Yosi Belin's pieces, because they're the far, far, Israeli left.

Here's another take, via a MEMRI interview illustrating how some saw Oslo as a "trojan horse" to wipe out Israel. [more from Likud Netherlands]

Also, for those of you interested in all the accords signed during the past 10 years, check out the Avalon Project

In short--as history has shown, the accords were a failure.

I want one of these

I've gotta get one of these fight terrorism license plates (for my non-existant car).

They're from Texas though...so perhaps I should consider going to that state for grad school; for the most part, Texans seem to have the right attitudes.

They can't keep doing this

No, besides Colin Powell interfering with Israel's internal affairs and battle against terror.

I'm talking about the Ohio State Buckeyes. Yes, the did win in 3OTs today, but from what I heard, they just squandered things in the second half of the game. I heard that there were 5 turnovers! That is unacceptable when it comes to football. At least they won...

Friday, September 12, 2003
Slow afternoon

It's been a slow afternoon...which in a sense is good. I had cellular neuro this afternoon then came back to the suite to do some reading for my neurogenetics class. Soon I have to go run and get myself together for services (searches for halo).

This weekend looks like it may not be too busy, which is a good thing. I've only got two lacrosse practices, only 4 more articles to read for my science classes (for tuesday) and some simple work for my Hebrew course. Now granted, that makes it sound easier than it really is...the key thing will be if I actually understand the science articles.

For those in the New England area, with nothing exciting to do, and in the mood for a good laugh (and who can tolerate idiocy):

The major Unions are providing free busses to Yale to join in the "protests". Yes, they bus outside people in for the numbers.

Anyone in Boston with nothing better to do, there's a: "World-wide Day of Action Against Corporate Globalization and War. A Teach In & Creative Action will be held to link globalization with war, race, immigration and issues of local concern"

And for those of you who don't feel like wasting your time at either of those events....you can always read the Boston Globe!

Oh, and more importantly, the Buckeyes are playing NC State tomorrow. It's a shame that the Buckeye's are without Clarett for the rest of the season, but the guy has to get his (off-field) act together. I don't think there's any way to deny/dispute that.

Tomorrow night is also Pachanga here at Brandeis! For those of you not from Brandeis, Pachanga is a big dance-party, full of drunk Brandeis students (or in other words, beer goggles atop Brandeis goggles).

Finally, yesterday some of the imperial rats celebrated a birthday! (picutres too!)

Are Iraq and Al-Queda Linked? Saddam and 9/11

According to Monsoor Ijaz (one of the coolest analysts--no questions asked), the answer to the first question is: yes.
The second is "maybe".

Confused? Interested? Read the transcript of Ijaz's appearance on Special Report with Brit Hume

I'm gonna be sick

The PLO puppet in DC is on Fox News right now. He's trying to spin everything against Israel. The host is trying to stymie that. Here he goes again..."foriegn military occupation....Israelis need to be out..."

I think the anchor put it best "we'd like to find out from a palestinian about the palestinians". Yeah...the PLO guy babbled.

Get this, the PLO guy also called Arafat an "honest man".

Update: Hooray for "Fair and Balanced"! Dore Gold is on now! Yay (fmr.) Ambassador Gold! Woohoo for truth, common sense!!!

Way To Go!

I believe the proper term is "Hooah", but no matter what the word, the 3rd Infantry Division (official website) needs recognized for their work in kicking Saddam's (and terrorist) ass in Iraq!

The President awarded the 3rd ID the Presidential Unit Citation to the unit today

Anyone know of any way to thank this unit? (Well here are some links)

Dean: Hamas Terrorists are "Soldiers"

[via LGF] In what will either be a major foot in mouth moment or a sign of Dean returning to his "progressive" support base's positions--Dean said the following:

"There is a war going on in the Middle East, and members of Hamas are soldiers in that war," Dean said Wednesday.

Geez...at least the AP, Reuters et. al. call them "militants".

More good Punditry

The Pundits seem to be on a roll recently! So here are my favorites for today (for now at least)

Charles Krauthammer: The missed opportunity

Jonah Goldberg: Certainty is dwindling - a surefire disadvantage

Ollie North: Selfishness vs. selflessness (also want to emphasize the Tunnel to Towers Run North mentions)

Update: Some additions I saw this AM:

Joseph Farah: Don't Expel Arafat...

Sen. John Kyl (R-AZ): Connecting the Dots

Thursday, September 11, 2003
Today's Must Reads

Things you must read today (besides Emperor Misha's post and links):

VDH has another piece out: Who would believe how much we’ve accomplished?

As do the rest of the folks over at NRO....go read it!

Over at FrontPage Mag:

Horowitz has an interesting piece: 9/11 and the "Anti-War" Left

A piece by Ben Johnson: Winning Is The Best Defense

Over at Town Hall

Suzanne Fields: Arming the human spirit to fight back

From the Boston Globe:

Jeff Jacoby reminds us that the "War On Terror" against the US began before 9/11/01

and at Opinion Journal:

By the Solicitor General of the US (whose wife was murdered on 9/11): 'We Shall Prevail'

And while it doesn't count as "reading", Cox and Forkum have a must see cartoon

G-d Bless America

Where was I When it Happened

I was taking a 9am course: "History of Asian Art"...so I'd leave my room at about 8:50ish, and wander over to the art building in an extremely tired stupor. The art building (Pollack) basically consists of an auditorium (where our class was) and an [empty?] office or big closet. We had no hallways, no windows, no nothing.

At 9:05, the lights in the auditorium went dim, as they did every class day and the slides started as did the lecture.
The class completed as usual at 10:30, and I walked towards the science complex (Gerstenzang) for Organic Chem Lab lecture.

As I was walking across campus, I saw a lot of people talking to each other...no big deal I thought. As I got closer to the building, there was a facilites services truck (nothing unusual again). But the facilities guy was telling someone something about "plane from Logan crashing into the World Trade Center" His (truck) radio was also on, and there was news coming from there. From the bits and pieces I was hearing, it sounded like a plane had departed Logan and crashed into the Boston "World Trade Center" (it's a building along the harbor--about a mile or two from Logan).

So I made it to Orgo Lab lecture and I began to hear more. People were on their cell phones. And then another friend said a plane had crashed near pittsburgh. I was very confused. Then the professor came in and told everyone "we all know what's going on". Granted, we all didn't. So I asked someone who was sitting by me what had happened, and then I heard...and was shocked.

Needless to say, right after lecture, I went back to my suite (Rosenthal) and just sat in the common room glued to the news...in shock...

Emperor Misha gives some more insights on this day...

And to those who seek to destory us and loathe us.....we won't forget this. No, we won't.

G-d Bless America

Let's Roll

Tinfoil Hat Alert

I'm not sure if this is tin-foil worthy, or if this deserves to be in a category of it's own. Via LGF: Al-Arian: Case Has Pro-Israel Bias.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Is this the start of fiscal conservatism

Okay, perhaps it's wishful thinking that spending will be cut significantly. But this came across the wires yesterday: Democrats Fail to Boost Education Spending

Among the details from the article:

In the Senate debate, a measure offered by Sen. Robert "Sheets" Byrd (D-W.V)., would spend $18.5 billion on Title I, which provides aid to poor children and helps more than 90 percent of the nation's school districts. Bush and the Senate have proposed more than $6 billion less -- $12.35 billion for the budget year beginning next month.

Republican leaders say they're putting more federal money into education than ever, fueled by increases during Bush's term, and that future-year spending levels for programs such as Title I were caps, not promises.

Byrd's amendment failed, 51-44.

The Senate rejected a measure by Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., [who wrote the "No Child Left Behind Act"--ed.] to increase college aid to students by $2.2 billion, and turned away another by Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., to add $350 million for Head Start, the federal preschool program for the poor.

If this is the start of an excercise in fiscal conservatism by the GOP....it's about time!
Throwing money at failing schools doesn't fix the problem--as I've said time and time again. You've gotta fix the systems from within and at the home levels. (I don't want to open up that whole can of worms yet)

Stop the Justice's Presses!!!

So I started reading the dead tree version of The Justice and the forum section this week is horrible! It's like most of the people who wrote are clueless. And ditto for whoever decided on graphics.

One op-ed (which will be introduced momentarilly) has a gigantic picture (~5x3) of The Imperial "Tub o' lard" (Michael Moore) and within it, there's a small picture of President Bush (looks like a SOTU pic). Aaagh, what an ugly sight that was! Who made that decision?

Apparently, the article didn't make it online. But let me give you the synopsis. The girl was told to read "Angry White Men" and in it, the piece of trash known as Moore apparently laments that under Bush it's no longer safe to travel places b/c of anti-Americanism. But, under Clinton, it was "safe".

Besides the fact that this is an ignorant thesis, seeming that Moore forgets the events of 9/11 and how that changed the safety of traveling. The argument says that the violence in Israel is an example (which is wrong, seeming that it began before the 2000 election). Or the threat of anti-American attitudes b/c of the Iraq war (not very strong). Then the person laments the economic revenue France lost b/c of decreased tourism from Americans. Oh well, if the country hadn't been a bunch of weasles.

Basically, the person sells out to Moore's lies, and there's just a really bad picture. Very poor journalism if you ask me.

Coming soon: Fisking the "Be all you can be: Join the poor army"

It's Justice Time (Part I of a few)

The latest issue of Brandeis' school paper The Justice is out.

Let's take a look at some of the stories making news this week:

First, Fuck Aramark. Aramark is the food service provider here at school, and it sucks. I appreciate the fact that they have a Kosher dining option and all, but they still do a shitty job over all. Their prices are also a rip off. My friends who eat at the other dining hall tell me that for lunch, if they order a simple wrap, it costs ~$5! And you can barely afford a drink to go with it (if you're on meals). Muffins cost $0.75! And now, instead of letting us accumulate guest meals (from un-used meails), they've limited us to just 5 a semester!!! [first item].

Speaking of Aramark...apparently the Vegetarians and vegans on campus are also unhappy with them. While I think some of their requests are a bit overboard, all in all, Aramark could definitely improve their act. Oh, and Aramark, on the Kosher side, please give us lettuce and veggies that are not brown and bruised.

Aramark is also under fire (as they should be) for continuing to jack up prices on us student. Simultaneously, the quality of food has gone down faster than (fill in the blank). Unfortunately, the Justice let itself be whitewashed by Aramark propaganda.

(can you tell I don't like Aramark? I'm not alone in my sentiments)

Moving on, to other news, not having to do with Aramark.

There's an article on how students are wising up and starting to purchase books elsewhere besides the bookstore. Let me summarize what the moral of the article is: Capitalism is great! Competition (among retailers) results in lower prices, benefitting the student. I've gotta admit, it is wierd when you buy a book from the Barnes and Noble owned bookstore, but online at Barnes and Noble's website, the same book is listed cheaper.

It was also disspointing to hear that Ora Gladstone, who has been with Hillel here for 22 years is getting layed off. Ora is a really nice lady, who has done great things, and she will be missed. This is a shame.

And in sadder news, former university administrator Amram Ducovny, who was the father of the TV hit the "X-Files"

More news from the Justice after...well....after I read more of it!