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Thursday, July 31, 2003
Niger This...Niger That

Here's an interesting story I came across, Saddam sent a trade mission to Niger

Very interesting article. Perhaps British Intel (MI-6) was right?

You can read the article and decide for yourself

Is this where Iraq's WMDs Are?

From Ha'aretz Report: Syria has 100 nerve-gas missiles aimed at Israel

The missiles are supposively armed with VX, a deadly nerve agent.

For those who remember, Iraq had a lot of VX unaccounted for after Gulf War I and in 1998....perhaps it developed feet and walked over the border?

Is the Economy on a rebound?

Apparently* the economy is looking up for a change! That's very good news.

The GDP grew by 2.4% surpassing expectations of a 1.5% growth. Unemployment claims also went down (more good news!)
And the manufacturing index is up to 55.9, which is supposed to also be a good sign.

Go read the rest of this good news!

One of the major factors leading to this recovery was an increase in Defense Spending! (You know, the thing some Dems want to cut!)

This is great news! Not only do the Armed Forces benefit from the increase in funds, but the Economy and the nation benefit too. It's a win-win situation! (Note: I'm deliberately ignoring any political/partisan benefits)

Now, I wonder what President Reagan would think of this news....Superior firepower....heh.

*Since I'm not an Economics student, and know little on the topic, I will need to consult with my friends who are Econ. majors, and see if things are really as good as they sound. It pays to befriend people who aren't science majors sometimes.

A note

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, but when I got home, I was immediately put to work doing house chores (boo!) and didn't get access to the computer. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Israeli Driving

Over at The Puddle (from Jerusalem), Cookie Goddess mentions that she's taking a "driving refresher" course.

Now to anyone whose been to Israel probably remembers, Israeli drivers are, um, quite bad on the roads. They're so bad, that many times they make Massholes look like semi-decent drivers.

So I'm left to wonder, what exactly is taught in an Israeli "Driving refresher" course/

DARPA's Futures Market

So the whole idea of a "Futures Market" based on terror threats and all, is the dumbest thing to come out of DARPA since...oh, the TIA Project.

But what's bugging me even more, is if those who designed it, even understand how the Futures markets work....cause I sure as hell don't have the slightest clue (which is why I'm good friends with Economics majors who will explain it to me)

Time for the World's Smallest Violin

Anyone got an electron microscope handy? It's time to play a tune on the world's smallest violin.

Today we play a song, for this "poor little Jihadi".

Perhaps he should consider joining JihadEx

Runner up for the world's smallest violin award of the day are the Texas run away democrats

Monday, July 28, 2003
More on the Democratic Primary

I guess I'm on a roll today with the topic of the Dem. Primary, so why not go with the flow?

From al-Reuters: "Moderate" Democrats Warn Party on 2004 Prospects

The DLC is sounding the alarms (within the Dem party) again, saying: "[the] Democratic Party will lose the 2004 presidential election unless it can win over suburban voters who feel the party has become too liberal" [-emphasis added].

How long have I been saying that for? The key portion of the electorate to win is the middle of the road voters--the "independents". The Dem candidates, following Dean have been moving further and further left (do their own detriment)--and by doing so, the only peolpe they're exiting are clueless college lefties and the like. At the same time, the GOP sees the void and has been courting the center. The dems are out of touch with America. 'Nuff said.

Uh, Senators Kerry and Graham, You might need to talk to your staffs

Just when the Dem. primary couldn't get any wierder, Sen. Bob Graham said to Tony Snow on Fox News Sunday

was elected and served two terms as president (sic) of Florida.

I've heard of the position of Governor, but not President of Florida.... wow, you've really gotta go back and refresh your constitutional knowledge (also see this earlier post)

And Sen. Kerry is quoted as saying on CNN:

"The obligation of the United States government is to rapidly internationalize the effort in Iraq, get the target off of American troops, bring other people, particularly Muslim-speaking and Arab-speaking Muslim troops, into the region." - Kerry, Sunday, July 13, 2003, CNN "Late Edition"[Em. Added]
(Credit: SillyGlobe)

Now just imagine if a Republican were to have said that, wouldn't the press be all over him/her?

Sens. Graham and Kerry, you may want to go back and huddle with your staffs, to review what you're gonna say in public

Dennis Kucinich calls for "Universal Preschooling"

*Drink Alert*

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Nutcase-OH) yesterday "called for a $60 billion effort to provide universal preschool" for all kids ages 3 to 5.

Where would the money come from to fund such a program? A 15% cut in the PENTAGON's Budget (Would you trust this man with National Security?!?)

His explanation as to how the Pentagon could function with less money: "Kucinich linked the soaring Pentagon spending with what he called President Bush's aggressive and largely unilateral foreign policy and said defense spending could be trimmed if the U.S. adopted a more cooperative stance with other countries."

I've got one thing to say about this: BULLSHIT

Not only is he going to harm national security, he wants to create this new entitlement (which will of course cost more than $60 billion), meaning an increase in taxes, and it'll produce more problems with the Educational system then we have now.

(I'll refrain from adding in more colorful terms)

F.E.T.E (as BC the Imperial Torturer would say)

Sunday, July 27, 2003
Brandeis Alumni In the News

Usually, when something big and important happens with Brandeis Alumni, the University likes to play it up and make it into a big press release. However, they strangely omitted this story, which I stumbled across by accident in Lexis-Nexis:

USS Constitution greets new leader

(AP)--Commander Lewin C. Wright took over yesterday as the 68th commanding officer of the USS Constitution. Wright is a surface warfare officer who has served on five ships. A graduate of Brandeis University, he recently came to Boston from Washington, D.C., where he worked on the staff of the chief of naval operations.

Wright takes over from Commander Randall A. Neal, who had served since August 2001. Neal plans to work on future ship development for the Pentagon.

Under Neal's leadership, the Constitution was the first major national monument to open after Sept. 11, 2001. Since then, a half million people have visited the ship at its berth in Charlestown.

For the handover ceremony, the Constitution was towed around Boston Harbor, while the commanders read naval orders.

Now while the USS Constitution is no longer an in-service ship, it's an extremely important piece of US Naval history, and Brandeis should be proud to have an alumnus serving as Commander of any ship, especially "Old Ironsides".

I think I know why they probably didn't hype it, because talk of a "warship" would offend the people in this department.

Either way, I think Cmdr. Wright deserves a hearty congrats on this honor.

This Day In (Brandeis) History

07/27/93--Boston Celtics star Reggie Lewis died after collapsing on a Brandeis University basketball court during practice; he was 27

What's with Sen Bob Graham

What's with Sen. Graham (D-FL)? Has he been smoking somehting? I saw the following article at Newsmax: Graham: 2004 Could Bring Bush's 'Impeachment'?

He said this on Fox News Sunday, and the whole quote was:

Presidential candidate Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., said Sunday that President Bush won't be impeached as long as Republicans control Congress, but added, "The good news is that in November of 2004 the American people will have a chance to both impeach and remove George W. Bush in one step."

Now anyone whose read the Constitution has gotta know that Impeachment can only be performed by the House, and conviction (and thus removal) by the Senate--and the bar for impeachment is "high crimes and misdemeanors". Not getting re-elected is not impeachment and conviction.

Some more:

Speaking on "Fox News Sunday," Graham reiterated his believe that the president had committed an impeachable offense by leading the U.S. into war under what he suggested were false pretenses, going so far as to accuse Bush of "dereliction of duty."

Hey, isn't "Dereliction of Duty" the title of the book about Clinton? Interesting choice of words (perhaps?)

Now before the GOP retook the Senate in 2002 Graham was the Head of the Intellegence Comittee, so he should know what intel there was available on Iraq.

And for the real kicker:

"We've known that they've had biological and chemical for a long time," Graham continued unconvincingly. "But the fact that they might be on the verge of having nuclear capabilities is what made it so imminent and therefore justified the pre-emptive war." [emphasis added]

Saddam's possesion of WMD was what made the war imparative (among other reasons). Biological and Chemical weapons are such arms. Plus, were sanctions lifted, we know that he'd resume a nuclear program too. So what exactly are you saying Graham? You've admitted that he had Bio and Chem weapons....Huh?

Lance Wins! Lance Wins!

Lance Armstrong just won his fifth consecutive Tour De France!

Take that all you America haters in France...

Saturday, July 26, 2003
Tom DeLay is a Genius

So Majority Leader DeLay (R-TX) gave a speech to the YAF Conference, and wow, what a speech it was: "Fear and Loathing in the Mothership"

One of many great lines:

"I don't know about you, I certainly don't want to see Teddy Kennedy in a Navy flight suit anytime soon."

"And Dennis Kucinich – a long-time member of Congress – now calls for legislation – I love this – to ban “mind control” weapons in outer space."

"It makes you wonder if at their next presidential debate, the Democrats are all going to show up wearing aluminum-foil helmets to protect their brain waves from the mother ship!"

Go read the whole thing

He's out from Hiding!

Apparently VP Cheney isn't at his undisclosed secret location place...as he gave a speech the other day to the AEI

Here's the text of the speech, a good one too

A Question

From everything I've been reading the past few days, I've gotta ask....

Are there more people in the Democratic Primary than there are individuals considering running against Gray Davis?

Tax Credit for Quitting Smoking?

That's the idea being put forth by a few Representatives in the House, among them, LaTourette (R-OH). The idea being flotated is that getting up to $300 back is an incentive to quit smoking--and the money will cover purchases of patches, gum or other smoking cessation items. Another $100 would be given for those who seek counseling. Fair enough.

There are positives to the program, which the article mentions:

--Less smokers
--Lower annual [federal] medical costs (b/c of less smokers--less cancer, lung problems etc.)

However, even though I hate smoking, I'm gonna play devil's advocate with this proposal.

First off, why don't all of us who don't smoke to begin with get a credit? That way, we'll have an incentive not to (start to) smoke.

Second, how is this going to be enforced? What proof will be needed to qualify for a credit?

Third, cities seem to love taxing cigarettes, and they thus receive a significant amount of revenue from them. If less people smoke, that's decreased revenue--so what are states/cities going to do in light of this lost revenue?

Just something to think about...

Seattle to Tax Coffee-drinks?

So apparently, some wackos in Seattle want to put a tax on espresso based drinks. Now, like the article says, taxing espresso in Seattle would be like taxing Lobster (or anti-Yankees merchandise) in Boston or tofu (and plastic surgery) in LA.

Now being a coffee aficionado (I"m fine with straight coffee--but occasionally I'll go for a latte or cappucino), I think this idea is absurd. It's as dumb as junkfood taxes. If anything, tax bad coffee or Decaf.

You can go read the article for yourself...

But to respond to one idiotarian quote

"I'm all for luxury taxes," counters Nombalais. "We certainly have enough poor taxes - the sales tax, the lottery."

The lottery isn't a tax. It's an optional game you play at your own risk. It isn't mandatory. As for sales tax, everyone pays it. Rich, poor, middle class---everyone. It isn't a "poor tax" you idiotarian.

Friday, July 25, 2003
[potentially] Coming Soon

I've gotta go cook Shabbos dinner now, so sadly, I can't blog :(

But here's what I'm thinking of blogging very soon:

--The "stop smoking" tax credit idea
--Taxing coffee?
--A good fisking of Dean

And we'll see what else is in the news. heh.

Trafficant in 2004?!?!?

I saw this over at Command Post:

A group called "Draft Traficant for President 2004" communicated with the imprisoned former Ohio congressman by mail and received permission to start a campaign. They filed a signed "Statement of Candidacy" form with the Federal Election Commission this week. (More)

Granted, former Rep. James Trafficant (D-OH) is now serving time in a federal pen. I don't think America is ready for a man who claims that he's "just the son of a truck driver", who wears shoe-string ties, and claims to "cut his hair with a weed-wacker" (turns out he has a tupee) to be President. The guy is a nutcase....but hey, Sharpton, Kucinich and Mosely-Braun are all in the race.


I'm gonna blog very briefly (due to time constraints) about Israel right now.

First off, House majority leader, Tom DeLay (R-TX) is heading off to the region next week. The man is great! He's an ardent supporter of Israel, and he's got his head on straight!

Then from the "no shit shirlock" department, comes the following article: "PA Brig.Gen.Wadyeh: ceasefire doesn't mean Intifada will stop, permitted to use whatever means necessary"
Is anyone actually suprised by this?

Thursday, July 24, 2003
Idiocy In Academia

The following (in Italics) is a letter from a Brandeis prof (no, not gordie) sent to an email list. I've added some comments, but I must note, that I'm rather tired right now, so my words won't be as strong as they should be.

I have been concerned and active with respect to Israeli-Palestinian conflict over the years, and it is very important that we continue to send messages about it on this site.

Note: This topic relates to a prior discussion which is irellevant.

Bush was still saying two days ago that the obstacle to a Palestinian state is terrorism.

And he's right! Duh!

He is ignoring the occupation as a cause because he thinks it serves his interests to do so.

No, because unlike you, he doesn't have his head buried in the ground, nor does he recite Noam Chumpsky like you. The whole "occupation" thing is a bunch of BS (it's been debunked countless times)

Now the U.S. shares with Israel literally, and not just spiritually and symbolically, the role of occupier pretending the problem is terrorism.

The fucking problem is terrorism! The Islamofacists want both countries wiped off the map. (to keep it simple).

Our nation is in a deep and desparate crisis of morality

Yeah, that's another can of worms.

and politics

Yes, Bush is abandoning his principles too often. I don't like the whole triangulation move.

as is Israel

Israel has economic problems--which lead to politics. But in this idiotarians mind, the fact that Likud won 40 of 120 seats in the last election is a crisis.

We at Brandeis have got to start thinking critically about our passivity in the face of the continuing situation in Israel and Palestine.

Uh, hello, most of the campus isn't passive. Step out of your ivory tower, why don't you.

Let us risk making connections between the occupation of these two Arab peoples.

Liberated Iraqis and palestinians? Apples and Oranges. Oh wait, the Iraqis are happy to be liberated. But yes, Mr. Professor, you protested their liberation.

If the connections are overblown and falter, let them

Wrong tense, change it to the past tense, the connection has faltered.

and let's learn from it

No, you folks just revise history to fit your agenda.

But let us not hide behind talk of antisemitism

Yeah, that whole shtick. Hey Professor, aren't you a part of the group of people who brought in that speaker that called Israelis "nazis" and called my friend a "Zionist Bitch" for fact checking him?

and avoid the fact that we are participating in two occupations now


two militarizations of situations that cry out for the opposite of what we are doing.

Oh yes, let's leave Iraq and let the Ba'athist return. Better yet, let the Mullahs of Iran take over, that would be ingenious. Or let another terror state form under Terrorfat. Brilliant!

Our nation is adrift, following despicable leadership into a morass of violence and murder.

Thank you Dennis Kucinich. We have strong, upright leadership right now. And we're not in a morass of violence and murder...that was Saddam. But in your eyes, we should've left Saddam (and the Taliban before that) alone. We should've "engaged in dialogue" as you folks say, to "Resolve our differences" and to co-exist. Yeah, you're full of it.

Many of our Israeli brothers and sisters say the same.

No, very few do....read the polls.

We must all wake up and struggle against this horror.

Yes, the horror that people like you use your roles as academics to brainwash students and distort, rewrite history and fact. Get a Clue!

Okay, I'm tired, I'm off to bed.

Terry McAulife is an Idiot

(I know, that isn't to suprise to many)

So apparently, a Wisconsin (local) TV station decided not to run the DNC's farce of an ad regarding the President's SOTU (in which they cut out the part of the quotes which said "The British Gov't has learned..."

Being the close minded idiot (that he often comes across as being), DNC Chairman Terry McAulife who said the following:

"Apparently Fox has changed its slogan from 'We report, you decide' to 'we let Bush decide what we air.'"

In response, Fox spokeswoman Irena Steffen in New York said:

"You would think a man in his position would know the difference between a local affiliate and a national news network," she said. [implying it was the station's personal decision--Ed.]

Not only that, but the Wisconsin station also put out a press release saying:

"WMSN [the station] gave the DNC the opportunity to edit the ad and include the British government's involvement, but that request was denied

Great job Terry McAulife....just great

Uday and Qusay--Dead--For Good

Emperor Misha has the pictures of the two bastards. (Warning: some may be disturbed by the images).

And to compliment this, Dr. J. has the following (beautiful) still shot of a TOW missile hitting the compound in Mosul. Wow! What a shot (in both senses of the word)! And according to LGF, the two swine died in a grubby bathroom.

And yes, there are already conspiracy theories circulating amongst the masses over at DU; Stars n' Stripes is covering it.

Then there are also those in Iraq who want to see the bodies themselves, in vivo. (Perhaps to beat the corpses with their shoes, like they did to the Saddam statue--remember the symbolism)

We need new terminology

This has been something that's been on my mind for a while now. When it comes to those who are on the left-side of the political spectrum, some new terminology is needed. Just as those on the right have begun to be labled as "neo-cons", "paleo-cons", RINOs, etc. (there are other terms I'm not aware of, I'm sure)

It's not right to label all those left-of-center as "liberals" and/or "democrats"...because there are so many different shades of gray within those ranks. So I think that we need some new terms to classify the different groups.

So where do we start?

There's the group of Dems who are foriegn policy hawks, called "scoop Jackson Dems". That makes sense I guess. But it leaves a void when it comes to domestic issues. Usually this group seems to lean more to the center on domestic issues. So what will we call them?

Then at the other end, there are those who read and revere The Nation as the "holy word". This is also the indymedia/DU crowd. This is the Dean/Kucinich crowd, and they're what I'd consider to be the hard-core liberals. These are also the types in academia. However, they're self dubbed "progressives" (what kind of progress they're seeking, is another story). So do we call 'em "progressives"?

Next, we have the group of people who've been raised as Dems, and that's really the only ideology they're familiar with. I think that these people are more or less the "rank-and-file democrats". They don't lean to the far left, but they're still left of the center. What should these people be refered to as?

This is just a thought, and it's rather discombobulated (if you can't tell), but I'm interested to hear what others think....

Wednesday, July 23, 2003
What did he say?

[Via The Corner]:

From Bill Clinton to Larry King:

I think the main thing I want to say to you is, people can quarrel with whether we should have more troops in Afghanistan or internationalize Iraq or whatever, but it is incontestable that on the day I left office, there were unaccounted for stocks...

... of biological and chemical weapons. We might have destroyed them in '98. We tried to, but we sure as heck didn't know it because we never got to go back in there….

Go read the rest of this snippet, and this one too

And now from the Tin-Foil hat brigades

Just look at the following post from IndyMedia

Tuesday, July 22, 2003
Writers block

Crap! There was a lot of stuff I wanted to blog about but I'm blanking on the topics right now. Argh!

It's Open-bar night in the VRWC

Throughout the VRWC it's open-bar night to celebrate the deaths of Saddam's sons. This has been a public service announcement.

And the Army Goes Rolling Along...

Wow! What a day its been for the US Army!

For starters. Pfc. Lynch returned home today for the first time since being taken POW in Iraq (and rescued in a daring Special Forces raid--which wasn't staged thank you very much Dennis Kucinich).

Second, in last-night's firefight in Mosul, the 101st Airborne Division killed four (bad) Iraqis....two of whom happened to be Uday and Qusay Hussein.

The President has called these developments "good news", but I'm waiting to hear Rummy's remarks. (The real one, but I'd like to also hear Frank J's Rummy remarks).

Speaking of Remarks, presidential candidate, Howard Dean is reported (via the AP) to have "shrugged off the deaths of Saddam Hussein's two sons Tuesday, saying `the ends do not justify the means.' He scolded Democratic rivals for backing the conflict."

Dean...you're an Asshat. Contrast Dean's remarks to Liebermans (which came before the DoD confirmed the news): "it would be an act of justice and a significant step forward in a faltering effort to secure the post-Saddam Iraq."

Back to the Army...Wow! What a day! The beer better start flowing back stateside at some Army bases...

Monday, July 21, 2003
As it rains (or should I say pours)...I blog

Home from a long (although productive) day in the Lab. I really am enjoying working there. Today I ran a PCR (polymerase chain reaction--it's a way to replicate DNA), mixed more chemicals (incl. toxic ones) and did some other good stuff.

Yeah, so I found something cool in my referral logs (besides wacky searches). No one told me that there's an Israeli Google (in Hebrew no less!) Eizeh Yofi! I have a new website to play on.

It's raining on and off here in Cleveland today, but when it rains, it is really coming down hard...just an observation.

I'm way behind in the blogsphere from being away all weekend (d'oh!)

Apparently, Idi Amin is either on his deathbed or he's died already. Either way, I don't think I'm going to be shedding any tears over that bastard's departure from this planet.

From the Windy City, Dr. J of Idiotarian.com has received some pictures of the anti-Roadmap protest there. There were the Lebuvitchers, Starbucks, Anti-Israel fools, the whole nine yards!

Steve Silver gives a much needed Fisking to the NYT's Chris Hedges, and one of the worst people in New Jersey Charlotte Kates.

Speaking of Fiskings and bad people, Eric Alterman is apparently (still) off his rocker (again)
Finally (for now at least).

Speaking of which, how did Jerry Springer beat out Jonah Goldberg (and other good things like Kosher Krispy Kreme) in the The Jewsweek Sizzlin' 60 . There are other issues I have with the list. But in the list's defense, it shows that there are indeed hot Jewish women out there (alas, none go to Brandeis)

I'm off to the grocery store...

I'm Home

After a 7.5 hour car ride, and traveling through 2 countries, 1 province (Ontario) and 3 states (NY, PA, OH), I'm home from my weekend in the middle of nowhere Ontario. (I was in the Muskoka region, if you know the area).

Nice weekend, quite boring though. I got bitten up not too badly by the misquitos. But I'm tired, and have work tomorrow, so I'll blog about my trip later...

Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Out of Town--Blogging Hiatus

I'm leaving Thursday afternoon for the first leg of a car trip up to Canada. No, I'm not going there to buy prescription drugs, rather I'm heading up to visit my sister (who is a counselor) and drop my lil' brother off at Camp Ramah in Canada.

I'll be out of town (and away from the computer), 'visiting' our socialist neighbor to the north, 'till I get back late sunday night, which in other words, means that I will most likely not be blogging till Monday.

Have a great weekend!

Upcoming Attractions and thoughts

Sorry I couldn't blog tonight, but once I got home from work, mom had me take my brother to the video game store and then to dinner. Then we got home, and I had to pack my bag for the weekend (see above post)

Nevertheless, there are some topics I'm looking forward to posting on in the near future:

Jerry Springer's Candidacy (for the interim, why don't youi read Jonah Goldberg's column)
Following the Democratic Nine (with an emphasis on making fun of Denny K.)
Looking into what the very-far (loony)-Left wingers are up to (like their "petition for a new foriegn policy")
And perhaps another Fisking of Gordie...

As I mentioned above, I like making fun of Dennis Kucinich's campaign (it's way too easy too). So yesterday, Denny K. came out in support of gay marrages. Denny K. has also recently flip-flopped on his abortion stance, from being staunchly pro-life to now being pro-choice.

What's the big deal? Denny's district is a heavily religious one, and a reason he was re-elected by his district was because of his pro-life attitude. So that's out the window, now with same-sex marriages, he's really alienating many in his congressional district. Idiot....

Wasting time at Work

yeah, I'm here in the lab right now...wasting time. We had our lab canoe/kayak trip today (we paddled 7 miles with just about no current!) So I came back to the lab, but almost no one else did, and I've finished all I can do for now, so I'm just killing time till it's time for me to catch my bus.

Got a sunburn while out on the scenic Cuyahoga River (d'oh)...hopefully we have some Aloe vera at home. It was definitely a fun trip!

I hope to blog later tonight on a few random things, but I'm just killing time now :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
Springer for Senate

So Jerry Springer has filed the papers, he's gonna try to run for the Senate from my state (Ohio). His first step would be to win the Democratic nomination, and his current competator for that is State Sen. Eric Fingerhut (campaign site).

The winner of the nomination will run against incumbent Senator (and former Cleveland Mayor and state Governor George Voinovitch)

I've blogged some thoughts on this before, and I'm planning to add some more thoughts on this tomorrow. But for the time being, in summary, I think it's rather safe to say that Jerry doesn't stand a chance.

Here's letters from today's Plain Dealer about Springer running....things don't sound very bright

And some Brandeis alums give their input into Jerry's candidacy....Steve Silver has some thoughts on Jerry's candidacy, as does Lil' B.

Make 'em Pay

So today a Federal Appeals court ruled that the Clintons will have to pay for almost all of their Whitewater Legal Fees (save for $85,312), rather than having us tax payers pick up the tab.

This is a good common sense decision in my eyes. Regardliess of ones feelings about the Clinton presidency, I think that it's safe to say that the Clintons can easily afford to pay the $3.5 million in legal fees.

I mean how much of an advance did Hillary just get for her new book? And how much is Bill making on the speaking circut these days? Plus, how much did Bill say he was getting as a result of the new tax cut? (someone want to take that and do the math and find out how much he pays in taxes, so we get a ballpark figure on his earnings).

But why should the taxpayers have to cover the Clinton's legal fees? I mean, that idea is simply absurd! Didn't out tax dollars already cover Ken Starr? That's more than enough.

Hell must be freezing over

First, over at the Corner, someone actually sticks up for Eric Alterman (woah!)

Then the Daily Howler is now defending the Bush Administration

Who would've thought this would occur?

(Links via Instapundit--who isn't a socialist)

Sen. Graham...can you count?

"deceit" is not a five letter word, it's a 6 letter word...have you been studying "Math for sociologists" with Dean and Denny again?

This definitely belongs in the Dan Quayle "potato with an 'e' " category, no questions asked.

Fun With Ha'aretz Headlines

This is the game where I like to take ticker headlines from Ha'aretz and comment on 'em.

14:29 German tourist charged with stealing crematorium door from Polish concentration camp Bastard

14:38 Abbas condemns Tuesday night knifing in Tel Aviv, saying Palestinians reject that kind of violence and terror is that because you only support bombings and shootings?

16:28 UN relief agency for Palestinians says has no money for emergency programs in West Bank and Gaza Strip Define Emergency why don't you?

19:47 U.S. Ambassador Kurtzer attends opening of Paratrooper training base in Negev, built in cooperation with U.S. I've gotta get pix of this one

20:05 Following UNRWA plea for funds, European Commission says already gave $65.3 million, no plans to give more Good, they don' t deserve any more

Monday, July 14, 2003

So says the Washington Times...any thoughts?

The VRWC Takes over ESPN's Football Coverage?

According to Drudge (and his website), Rush Limbaugh, the well known conservative radio host is joining the ESPN pre-game broadcast team for the upcoming NFL season.

Now this will cause many a liberal football fan to cringe. But baring Rush making any comments such as "The Cincinnati Bengals are about as powerful as Dennis Kucinich's campaign"....he may actually be a good addition. I've heard Rush discuss football a few times on his show, and he actually for the most part knows his stuff (the fact that he's a Steelers fan takes away points from him). But it'll be interesting to see...

Update: Here's an article from Reuters on the topic

Sunday, July 13, 2003
Another Flag Flap

As I've probably mentioned before, when the photographer from the Boston Globe to take pictures of me and my fellow United We Stand members at a meeting in March, he asked if there was an American flag in the campus center [offical school promo pix, that we could be posed in front of.

Ultimately, the campus center doesn't have a US flag hanging in it. (Nor for that matter, does the campus center look any bit as attractive as the photos make it...but that's another story). And the photographer asked us why the campus center didn't have one, and we were stumped, we didn't know.

I'm starting to think that it could be attitudes like this that would preclude putting a US flag up:
(from Tongue Tied):

Some parents in Oregon are trying to prevent officials from flying the American flag at a school district-funded learning center because they say the flag doesn’t represent freedom anymore, reports the Associated Press.

A 13-year-old student who attempted to get officials at the Willow Wind Community Learning Center in Ashland, Ore. to fly the flag was told it wasn’t going to happen because some students might be offended. The center is funded by the local school district and supports home-schooled students in the area.

One of those who would be offended is Tracy Bungay, who said, “I want to raise my children to be citizens of the world, and the flag does not represent ideals I want to instill… It represents dominance, greed, corporate power and not freedom."

Willow Wind officials may not have a choice, though. State law requires that the flag be flown at all schools.

Yeah, that sounds like what could happen at Brandeis...

Stupid Lawyers

I'm not a big fan of many lawyers. No, I know, they're not all bad, evil, ambulance chasing sharks. And there are good ones out there too...but they never really seem to make it into the press.

There's this story about a defense lawyer arguing (in an appeal) that it was wrong for potential jurors to have recited the pledge of allegiance.
Why? Because they;d have pledged themselves to one of the parties in the trial - the U.S. government.

On the other issue involving lawyers--tort reform--I'm dissapointed that the dems threatened a filibuster on this issue. Our country has gone sue-crazy with frivolous lawsuits and ridiculous damages being paid all over the place. There has to be a limit to these things. Even when the cases to go trial and are eventually dismissed, that still costs money, and when it comes to doctors, raises their malpractice insurance rates and then doctors leave...etc.
Emperor Misha goes into more depth on this topic, in a way that only he can

This can't be true! The NYT must be lying!

Lies! All lies! It's all slander from the NYT!

The NYT is trying to say nasty things about the great member of the National Champion Ohio State Buckeyes Maurice Clarett.

Now, I have a hard time beliving this is true, mainly because Coach Jim Tressel is such an upright man, that he makes sure his players succeed in the classroom before they get to play ball. Heck, the QB is a pre-med molecular genetics major. They're disciplined on and off the field and Tressel has taught them and molded them well. They even sing "Carmen Ohio" after every home game. And on Fridays, when they're playing at home, the team goes to the OSU Hospital pediatrics wing to visit with sick kids (and to lift their spirits). Tressel is a role model and he has high expectations for his team, and this story doesn't sounds fully correct.

Perhaps an infidel Michigan fan tried to plant this slander in the paper. After all, Michigan is the most evil infidel sports team on the planet (even worse than the Yankees).

Carter Speaks Out

Former President Jimmy "____" Carter (you get to choose what to fill in the blank with) has announced that he thinks the US should send troops to Liberia

This is the same Carter who didn't think Saddam was a threat. Oh, and it turns out this Charles Taylor dictator/president guy.....he was democratically elected (per say) under Carter's watch...didn't something like this happen in one of the latin american nations too? (I can't remember the exact history now)...

Proof of a connection

This is the headline over at a few news sites: 'Al Qaeda' Claims Responsibility for Attacks in Iraq

Now before everyone starts going crazy over this, I'd like to call into play the 24-48 hour rule.

To speculate, should this story be true, is this further proof of a Saddam-Al-queda link? Or are these random nutcase jihadis from Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc.?

You make the comments

I couldn't even begin to decide what to say about this headline from Ha'aretz:

21:48 PA calls on int`l community and UN, to end humanitarian crisis among 80,000 Palestinian refugees in Iraq

Any ideas....

Slurpee Day!

It's a beautiful day outside (a tad bit hot), and I've just come in from a bike ride. I look at the calendar, and low and behold, friday was 7-11-03...which in some circles is 7-11 day! And since I was feeling ill on friday, I didn't get to celebrate appropriately! So I'm off to the grocery store (we need a few items) then on the way back, I've gotta get myself a slurpee.

Friday, July 11, 2003
In memory

Today (Saturday 7/12) would've been my late roomate's 21st birthday...and while we wouldn't have gone out to the bars to drink (he couldn't drink, nor was he fond of drinkers), it would've been a special day.

Sadly, my freshman roomate, who became one of my best friends is no longer with us. We'd only known each other for one semester, as he passed away unexpectedly at age 17, on the first day of classes, after having literally just returned from seing his doctor (as he was feeling sick, and had gone home [a 1hr 20 min drive] to see his doctor (please forgive me for not sharing the whole story right now). I still remember the last conversation I had with him, it went as follows:

Him: hey Joshy....get me some wallet size copies of the pictures...[I was getting an MRI done on my brain]
Me: Sure....do you want glossy or a larger size?
Me: and maybe you can get some pocket sized EKG print outs
(more laughter)
Him: I'll see you later tonight when I get back
Me: See you then...
(I left for my appt).

and that was the last conversation we ever had.

It's hard for me to type about my late friend, as it brings back so many good memories, and the thoughts bring tears to my eyes. He was such a good person--kind, caring, funny, bright, laid-back...and even those attributes don't do him justice--they only begin to describe him. He was a source of inspiration to many. When he was young, he was dealt a bad hand, but from his struggles as a youngster, he really learned the value and importance of life, which is something that many of us fail to realize on a daily basis. He articulated this beautifully in his admissions essay, (which I may post at a latter date, if I have the file on a disk here at home)

He was just one of those genuinely good people--who seem too rare in the world these days. Everyone who knew him only had good memories of him.

Ever since he departed this world, things haven't been the same. He had such an impact on so many, and without his presence, things don't feel the same.

If you'll excuse me, I'm gonna have to stop posting, as its becoming too hard for me to continue to type...

It may not be until the World to Come, but until we meet again, goodbye my friend..."

In Memory of IDW



Not only are they a mean fighting machine, but they show the terrorists and their backwards supporters what's right.

Courtesy of Hootinan, I bring these pictures for everyone to see.

I wish I could get that soldiers name/unit info, as I think he and his brothers-in-arms are deserving of Pizza and Ice Cream


Slow day in the lab today...not much to do...fell ill on the bus ride home, and not doing much better now.

Anyway, what I wanted to blog on today (I hope to follow up on this tomorrow night):

Ralph Nader "endorses" Denny K. in Dem. primaries (lol!)
(same article) Nader discusses what he would've done in response to Sept. 11th (not gone onto "war footing", just deployed 'commando units'). In short, Ralph Nader...you're an IDIOT.

Jerry Springer launches first stage of campaign for US Senate (or at least Dem. nomination). He's running 30min informercials at odd hours of the night...yet they don't get run in Ohio. This is from the same genius who once paid a prostitute with a check.


Cleveland, OHIO--Tonight, the infidel visitors from the Bronx, lead by Roger Clemens once again, were burnt alive in their tanks by the scrappy, yet dedicated Cleveland Indians.

Clemens gave up a two run homer to Ben Broussard (sp?) early in the game, while the Indians no-name pitcher hurled a very good game himself.

Alas, the umpires, who were as blind and as impartial as "UN Peacekeepers" kept blowing calls and gave the infidels break after break. A prime example--in the bottom of the ninth, a double was ruled an out by the blind 2nd base umpire.

Things came to a boiling point, when Tribe Skipper, Eric Wedge got tossed in the 10th for yelling at the blind home plate ump about balls and strikes (Wedge was tossed before even exiting the dugout)--but Wedge then came out and gave the Ump a piece of his mind. Then Wedge received a standing ovation from the Indians fans.

The highlight of the game was the bottom of the 10th. The hometown boys led off with a walk, followed by a double, putting men at 2nd and 3rd. Then the whimpy infidels, afraid to pitch to the next batter intentionally walked him. Bases loaded, tie score, no outs....next batter...single to right field. YANKEES LOSE! YANKEES LOSE! (and there was much rejoicing by the fans, including the BoSox fans who were apparently at the game too--no doubt to berate the Bronx swine.)

I took my little brother (who for some reason supports the evil entity of the Bronx) and when the winning hit happend, all I did was laugh in his face (along with some of the staff and other fans at the field).

Damn, it's very late now, and I've gotta leave the house again at 7:30am (D'oh!) off to bed...

I hope to blog more this weekend.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003
Isn't this just adorable

ronnie the bear

Look out Commies

On Saturday, July 12, 2003, weighing in a 97,000+ tons, the newest nuclear powered Nimitz class aircraft carrier of the United States Navy is to be commissioned. (Hooray!)

The ship will be known as the USS Ronald Reagan! (Hopefully it has been specially built for destroying communists everywhere)

I'll blog more on this tomorrow or perhaps friday (depending on how much time I have)....at which time, I'll include pictures of this beautiful floating fortress
(I admit, I'm in awe of Aircraft carriers...)

And don't forget, buy your Ronnie the Bear beanie baby (isn't it cute? And all proceeds go to a noble charitable cause).

Democrat Idiot of the Day (or the week)

So on certain days the Plain Dealer runs a "question of the day" in which it solicits responses from its readers. (Note: Monday is reserved for gripes, as it is monday, and thursday is "Thankful Thursday").

So the question for today was: " Do you think the stock market will continue to get stronger"

There were a few different answers given by readers, most of which sounded rational.

However there was one answer, by someone from Mayfield Heights, which is one of the stupidest things I've read in a long time.

"I certainly hope the stock market does not continue to go up because I'm a Democrat and I want to be able to blame bad things on George Bush."

Now, that's just a stupid answer. I mean, no matter what, doesn't the Dems "playbook" say to blame Bush for the economy no matter what? And what's gonna stop this guy from doing just that? Come on you yutz!

What an idiot...and hence he wins the award for idiotic democrat of the day....

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers for Lance Armstong...(who is gonna win his fifth straight Tour De France), for not only being an amazing athlete, but for being an inspirational role model.

Cheers for the USPS Cycling Team (why? Besides the fact that they won a team time trial--the French don't like 'em...which in our book is good).

Jeers for France...as they hate Armstrong (and like we need a reason to jeer France?)

Jeers to the Yankees....cause they suck

Jeers to the idiotic democrat who wrote a letter to the Plain Dealer (I'll blog on it later).

Cheers to the rain finally ending.

Cheers for increased defense spending!

Jeers to Denny K. for being one of the 22 votes (I think it was 22) against the spending increase, which had 399 votes in favor.

Cheers for the 3rd Infantry Division, who will soon leave Iraq. When they get home, they deserve a big parade. (Cheers for parades too)

Cheers to Mass. Gov. Romney (and his family) for saving peoples lives.

Jeers to the idiotic taxachussets Dems who used this nice story as ammo to launch political attacks.

Cheers to the fact that I'm going to the grocery store now.

Jeers to the fact that my feet are in pain (from being on them in the lab all day).

A cause to celebrate

Not only do I endorse celebrating the Yankees demise at the hands of the Indians (hell, I just like when the Yankees lose).

But today is the one year Blogaversary of the one, the only, Frank J of IMAO!


(with phrases adapted from MSS).

Tonight, in the Imperial Palace of Cleveland Baseball (known as Jacob's Field). The infidels from the Bronx, who have the attitude that 'They think we are retarded - they are retarded.' were humiliated tonight--by an amazing pitching performance.

The Yankees, who are are "wild donkeys" ('ALOG' in Arabic . Other possible translations - 'The children of pigs', 'Those who have dramatically ugly faces', or 'leeches'), were held to just ONE hit. Got that: ONE HIT. Uno, Ein, Echad....one by a little known pitcher for the Indians.

The Yankees 'Their casualties and bodies are many.'. With Williams, Spenser and Jeter out of the line up (We love you Pedro Martinez!!! Es necesario que Pedro reciba un pagar especial para sus servicios), the Yankees were no match for the superior power of the Indians.

Tonight, the bats of the Indians came alive! 2 runs in the first and two insurance runs in the eigth were all it took to defeat the Bronx swine. Add in some great pitching and defense and wallah.

Before the game, driving around Jacob's Field (to avoid the thunderstorm), there seemed to be a large number of Infidel supporters. Despite my desire for a trip back to Boston (for some good ol' fashioned Yankee hating), many of the faithful held the attitude that: "No I am not scared, and neither should you be!"

One highlight of the evening was in the top of the ninth, when the Infidels put Derek "swallows" Jeter into the game to Pinch Hit. Most of the 26,000 in the stadium joined in booing the great Infidel who was not worthy of making the AL all star team. When he flied out to CF Milton Bradley (who deserves to be on the All-Star squad but for some reason isn't) the stadium erupted in mass jubulation. Hooray!

In all seriousness, there were more Yuckies fans than I expected, or would've like to have seen. Granted, my little brother is one of them (boo! hiss!). However, Traver (the Indians pitcher) pitched a beauty of a game and shut down the Yankees.

The Tribe had some offense in the first but then sadly fell silent till the 8th. It was a pitchers duel for those innings, with the Indians ultimately winning in a one-hit shut out.

Hell, I'm just happy that the Yanekees lost. I hate the Yankees.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003
Yankees SUCK

No Yankees!

Temporary Delay...YANKEES SUCK!

Okay, well, I got tied up this evening here at home. Had to teach my little brother how to play cards, and then responded to a long email request I'd received from someone. (Alas, I'm still behind on replying to my email).

As a result, my extra-through and educational Clue and fact filled Fisking of MoDo will have to wait until tomorrow (or more likely Wed.). To give you a hint of the kinds of things you'lll learn...there's no such thing as A.A.D.D. --it's Attention Deficit Disorder (and some people have it in adulthood, but the literature doesn't give it an extra "A"). There is also ADHD (Attn. Def. Hyperactivity Distorder), which some believe is the same as ADD, but to spare the elaborate discussion, there's a debate in the field if ADD/ADHD are one in the same or different.

Why the delay? It's because the NY Yankees SUCK! YANKEES SUCK!
(I'm going straight from work to the Indians Yankees game with my little brother, who is a Yankees fan).

Monday, July 07, 2003
Bill O'reilly Finally Admits it!

The man who is best described as a "cranky NY taxi-cab driver with a TV (and radio) show".

His latest column ran in the Plain Dealer yesterday, and he starts it by saying:

"He [Clinton] is making a lot of money these days mouthing off and so am I."

He finally admits it! All he does is mouth off.

Though I must admit, this article was head on (in summary, we're taxed too much and the gov't is irresponsible and overspends/loses our tax dollars---and he uses the Big Dig as an example.

Upcoming attractions

Busy day in the lab today. I stained and cover-slipped the embryonic mouse brain sections I made last thursday. I made some chemical solutions today, and did some odds-and-ends jobs. Also had to take a trip to the basement to the post-mortem room (you figure that one out) and to drop off some empty cages.

My thoughts on Savage getting axed from MSNBC--I don't have any. I never watched the guy, nor have I ever heard his radio show. From what I read he made a really dumb comment on-air, and what did he expect to happen? Come on people! This is common sense!

So I just read today's Plain Dealer, and MoDo's latest scribble was featured. It's on Ritalin and ADD (Or as she idiotically mispells it: "AADD"). This piece of crap from hers is wrong on so many levels (more than usual) it deserves an extra-through fisking! And it ain't gonna be pretty either! (but, it will be educational!)

Oh, I also get to tell about the Fire at work today! That's a good story too...

That's what to expect this evening from me blog wise, should I get access to the computer.

Sunday, July 06, 2003
Sunday night thoughts

Ay Caramba! I can't remember what I wanted to blog earlier...

So the Indians won 3 out of 4 this weekend from the Twins. Not bad at all. Quite good progress for this rebuilding team...The pitching is finally falling into place, now if only the bats would re-awaken.

Speaking of Beisbol, I'm going to the Indians-Yankees Game Tuesday--Yankees Suck!

Finished another good book today, "Are Cops Racist". The book is just full of common sense (and Clue) and shows how some of the wishy-washy touchy feely crap that some hard-left-liberals are trying to shove down the police's throats are backfiring. (Note: This is a police friendly blog! We love most of our law enforcement members! Same goes for firemen/EMTs!)

The one major downside to the book is that the author, makes references to a lot of things, but the problem is that she doesn't adequately cite them. The author should have really used foot/end-notes to provide the adequate citations. (Wow, the academic in me is starting to show through).

Instapundit (back from Vacation) is following a big story at the BBC...seems like they're being taken to task over their reporting (no wonder the idiotarians love it so much)

Finally, if you're wondering, I haven't read Bill Whittle's most recent essay (or should I say novel) yet. Not only have I not had the time, but my ADD like issues prevent me from doing so.

Well, I'm off to bed I think...goodnight...

Home...at last

Long day today...a lot of traveling. Went from Cleveland to Youngstown to Akron then back home (its sort of a triangle shaped path).

We went to Youngstown to see my grandparents, along with my uncle and cousins who came in from Philly.

Then we went to Akron to say goodbye to our long time family friends who are moving thursday. We've known this couple since before they were married actually, dating back to when my parents lived in Philly (before I was born there). So we went out to dinner w/ 'em and said goodbye.

And now, I'm finally (at long last) home!

Happy Birthday

So apparently today was President Bush's birthday....Happy Birthday Mr. President!

In honor of your birthday can we bomb out the PLO? Syria? Fraudi Arabia? (or must we wait for Rummy's b-day)?

Saturday, July 05, 2003
Hillary (that stupid book) and Patriotism

So Hillary and her book are back in the news (why the hell won't they just go away for a while?!?!)

From the NY Post STATE GOP BOSS EURO-TRASHES HILL (here's the AP wire version)

So apparently the Junior Senator from NY was in EUROPE yesterday (on America's Independence Day) promoting her book, and the NY GOP Chair (wisely) picked up on this and used it for political ammo.

And Hillary's spokesperson came up with this response: "'A good Fourth of July lesson for the Republican Party is to stop questioning the patriotism of their fellow Americans.'"

Now that's just a dumb line from the spokeswoman--it reaks of idiotarianism and political stupidity. That's all that needs to be said.

Friday, July 04, 2003
How much do you love this country

That's the question Gallup pollings asked (Hat tip to: The Politiblog).

The results are here, but in summary form:

  • Eighty percent of conservatives are extremely proud of the country, compared with 68% of moderates and 56% of liberals.

  • Whites and nonwhites differ significantly on this measure, with 73% of whites and only 59% of nonwhites saying they are extremely proud.

  • Younger Americans are less likely to be extremely proud to be Americans than are those who are older. Six in 10 adults aged 18 to 29 say they are extremely proud, compared with about three in four Americans in both the 30-to-49 and 50-to-64 age groups as well as roughly two-thirds of adults aged 65 and older.

  • Likewise, more than 8 in 10 Republicans are extremely proud to be Americans, while two-thirds of Democrats feel this way.

How many of the self-dubbed "liberals" who aren't proud of this country happen to be college profs? And of the "younger americans" how many are college students?

Me? I'm a minority, younger american, conservative who is extremely proud of his country.

Cheers for the Troops!!!

So President Bush is in my state again today, he's down in Dayton at Wright-Patterson AFB (it's a 3-5 hr. drive from Cleveland). He's celebrating the 4th with the people who keep our country free--the troops.

And he's telling the islamofacist terrorists that their days are numbered:

"We will not permit any terrorist group or outlaw regime to threaten us with weapons of mass murder," he told a cheering crowd of mostly military servicemen and women and their families. "We will act whenever necessary to protect the lives and liberty of the American people."

For this, the president said, the nation must rely heavily on the men and women of its armed forces.

They are "carrying out their missions with all the skill and honor that we expect of them," Bush said. "This nation is grateful to the men and women who wear our nations' uniform."

And half-way around the world (more-or-less), Arnold Schwarzenegger is boosting moral amongst the troops.

Among his choice quotes:

I play the Terminator, but you guys are the true terminators," he told the cheering crowd of soldiers.

"First of all, congratulations for saying 'hasta la vista, baby' to Saddam Hussein. I came here from the United States because I wanted to pump you all up,"

Hasta La Vista terroristas...

More Praise for America

Now from Emperor Misha I and Frank J.

Cox and Forkum also share another genius cartoon!

Okay, I've been "grounded" so I have to go back to cleaning house before i get in trouble...

We Remember....27 Years Ago

I'm going to take a brief hiatus from Blogging about Independence day right now.

On July 4th, 1976, not only did America celebrate her bicentennial, but one of the greates and most amazing Special Forces raids in military history took place in Entebee, Uganda.

For it was on July 4, 1976, when elite Israeli commandos (from Sayeret Matkal and Sayeret Golani) flew all the way from Israel to Entebee to kill some terrorist punks and to liberate Israeli and Jewish hostages who were being held by Arab hijackers.

The mission was led by Lt.-Col Yonatan Netanyahu (z"l), who was a leader of Sayeret Matkal. Lt.-Col Netanyahu was the brother of former Israeli PM and current Finance Minister Binyamin "Bibi" Netanyahu. Moti Gur another Israeli hero also played a role in the operation.

For those unfamiliar with the story of this great mission, here's the official history from Maj. (Res.) Louis Williams on the IDF website.. You may also be interested in reading the story on the official Yoni Netanyahu memorial website as well.

The operation was an amazing success with only one IDF solider being killed, and only 2 hostages being lost (all the terrorists were killed). The one IDF soldier lost was Lt.-Col Netanyahu, as Motti Gur said "He went first, he fell first"; as Yoni led the operation from the front and took a bullet to the heart, and refused medical treatment until the hostages were all safe.

The operation, originally known as "Operation Thunderbolt/Thunderball" was later re-named "Operation Yonatan" in memory of Lt.-Col. Yonatan Netanyahu (z"l)

Update: I'm sneaking in some computer time here, but I just wanted to say that I plan on elaborating on this post hopefully in the near future. I also wanted to share the facinating experience which I had when I was in Israel (back in 1999) when my group (Yay USY Group 11!) was treated/honored by getting the privledge to hear Sarin Hershkol (sp?) speak about the mission. He took part in the mission and was wonunded and has been paralyzed, but he has said that he'd do it all again.

What's So Great About America

That's the title of one of Dinesh D'souza's books, which was just released in paperback. It's a great book (I read it recently) and a must read for all who love America.

D'souza also wrote a column, which originally ran in (of all places) The SF Chronicle, and is now up at NRO, called 10 Great Things: What to Love About the United States

Again, it's another must read!

Celebrate America--Jingosticly

Jared, over at the Politiblog has made a series of great posts praising our country, that everyone should go read...right now!

If you don't go over there, we'll have to stick this guy on you!

John Hawkins of Right Wing News has all sorts of good Patriotic, pro-America quotes ovewr at his site.

Let's hear it for

Let's hear it for the Original George W--George Washington, America's first President! And let's also hear it for America's founding Fathers!

The great patriotic ladies over at RightWeAre have put together a piece on the history of Independence Day and our country's founding...go read it! Now!

Thursday, July 03, 2003
Thank The Troops This 4th of July!

As you celebrate Independence Day this year, while you're out grilling, eating apple pie, watching the fireworks, etc. Take a moment to think about the people who are making sacrifices/who've made sacrifices so that we can celebrate our independence...

Here are ways from the DoD to support our Troops


(cue patriotic/jingostic music--of your chosing)


In Celebration of this Holiday, Today's Posts will mostly (though not totally) deal with the United States Of America!

So let's begin with the Declaration of Independence

and here's the President's address to the Nation

Fisking MoDo

Let me preface this by saying the minute iotas of respect I had for Maureen Dowd have dissapeared over the course of the past two-three weeks. She has plummeted even further down the list of crappy columnists. So without further to do, it's time to Fisk MoDo!

Her latest column childish ranting

There's a serial cat killer on the loose in the West. Has anyone checked Bill Frist's alibi?

Okay, what's this weeks piece of stupidity.

In his 1989 memoir, Dr. Frist, the heart surgeon and Senate majority leader, confessed that at Harvard Medical School, he used to adopt stray cats at shelters, take them home and slice and dice them for practice.

"It was, of course, a heinous and dishonest thing to do," he wrote. "And I was totally schizoid about the entire matter. By day, I was little Billy Frist, the boy who lived on Bowling Avenue in Nashville and had decided to become a doctor because of his gentle father and a dog named Scratchy. By night, I was Dr. William Harrison Frist, future cardiothoracic surgeon, who was not going to let a few sentiments about cute, furry little creatures stand in the way of his career. In short, I was going a little crazy."

Unlike out west, Dr. Frist didn't mutilate the cats in a similar manner. I'm sure if the student Frist would've asked, he could have possibly gotten cats to practice on from the Med School (it's a possibility), but who gives a damn? He did something, he apologized for it, and it helped him become one of the best cardiothoracic surgeons in the country!
(Someone want to fact check the quote too...for Dowdisms?)

Now Dr. Frist is not going to let any sentiments about those cute lesbians on the new cover of Newsweek — headlined "Is Gay Marriage Next?" — stand in the way of his career

First off, I've only seen men on the cover of Newsweek (in the local stores). And I don't think he plans on performing surgery on any humans unless he really needs to.

He told George Stephanopoulos that he supports a Congressional proposal for a constitutional amendment forbidding gay marriages.

So he supports one, whoop-de-do, what's the big deal?

"I very much feel that marriage is a sacrament," he said. "And that sacrament should extend, and can extend, to that legal entity of a union between what has traditionally in our Western values been defined as a man and a woman."

I'm gonna guess that Dr/Sen Frist meant Christian when he said "western"...got that MoDo? Or do you hate organized religion too?

Yeah, love those Western values, from Socrates to Michelangelo to the Catholic Church.

Is Frist even a Catholic?

And what is a politician doing talking about sacraments anyway?

Why can't he talk about 'em?

Religion is in the business of deciding what is holy, not government.

That's true. So what are you saying? We live in a Judeo-Christian society.

If Dr. Frist felt a little "schizoid" in medical school, how must he feel now?

Unlike you MoDo I'm sure he's very sane. Minus the meshugas of the beltway.

One minute he and the Democrats are cooperating on a Medicare expansion bill that conservatives denounce as socialism

Because it is the largest entitlement in 40 years and it hopefully won't pass...

opposed by Tom DeLay, Trent Lott and Hillary Clinton. (You know you're in trouble when Hillary calls your health care plan too byzantine.)

The first two are principled conservatives--esp. in the Fiscal sense. Hillary on the other hand thinks that the biggest entitlement in 40 years ISN'T ENOUGH

The next minute, the good doctor is throwing out Anita Bryant red meat to conservatives as a sop, after a week when they were whacked by the Supreme Court and Congress in a capital they're supposed to be dominating.

Dowd must've flunked civics class. The Judicial Branch acts independent of the Executive and Legislative branches (save for checks-and-balances), therefore, that throws out her SCOTUS argument. AS for Congress, right now, the Medicare reform bill looks destine to die in the House once it returns from Conference Comm.

Uh, who is/was Anita Bryant? What's this a reference to? Frist's move scores points with social conservatives and even some (gasp) Democrats!

Dr. Frist got the top spot after Trent Lott's ode to segregation. President Bush dumped Senator Lott in favor of Dr. Frist, who has cared for AIDS patients in Africa, so conservatives could have a more compassionate face.

Because unlike what you make 'em out to be MoDo, Conservatives actually do have hearts! Really!

But now the anti-Lott looks anti-tolerant

Uh, no he doesn't.

Is the doctor merely a cat's paw for the White House, foreshadowing a demonization of gays in the 2004 race?

No, probably not, despite your wishes....I don't think homosexuals will be demonized.

Instead of Willie Horton, will the Bushies make Willie & Grace the bogeyman?

Nah, they have other (better) choices

James Carville thinks the G.O.P. is pushing its culture war, playing up "the ick factor," as Newsweek calls it, that gay couplings conjure up for many Americans, even moderates.

As I noted before, this cuts across party lines.

Their base is all gassed up, screaming that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," he says

Yeah, G-d created Adam and Eve, it says so in Genesis....

But he thinks the Democrats and gay activists would make a mistake "falling into Frist's trap" and making a stand on gay marriage now. "I don't care who gets married," he says, "but the Republicans will use this to divide the Democrats and reduce us to an accumulation of interest groups — a woman's right to choose, a kid's right to education, a transgender's right to whatever."

That's called smart politics buddy. 'nuff said.

But President Bush declined to endorse the constitutional amendment yesterday, and Lynne Cheney told Wolf Blitzer she agreed with striking down the Texas sodomy law: "It seemed to me a stretch that government had any place in the bedroom."

Yes, the law was stupid, but rather than SCOTUS striking it down, the TX legislature should've done it.

Strategists involved in the president's re-election effort denied any coordination with Dr. Frist. "Wedge politics are passé," one said. "You can't win by tearing down different groups." He noted that younger conservatives tend to be more libertarian, so why turn them off?

WWKD? [What would Karl (Rove) Do?]? Let's ask him...

President Bush seems pretty unfazed by different orientations. At his recent Yale reunion, among the classmates he greeted at the White House was one Yalie who had changed from a man to a woman.

According to news reports, the president did not blink and warmly greeted the alum, saying: "Now you've come back as yourself."

Maybe the right's spending too much time worrying about the thorny issue of gay marriage. Wait until it has to wrestle with gay divorce.

MoDo, if Gay marriage never happens, then gay divorce will be a non-issue, no? Duh!

Skepticism and thoughts

Okay, so Fox News has the following headline: "GOP Senators Say U.S. Has Proof of WMD Programs"

I'm skeptical. And why am I skeptical?

No, it's not because the GOP Senators say one thing and the angry democrat senators say another thing--that's politics, I expect that (as do most people--this is politics people).

But I'm wondering why the White House and/or DoD are holding back on any of these finds. Are they planning to just gather everything and then drop it in one big media sweep? What's the deal?

Speaking of thoughts, why are we just now starting to offer $25 million reward to info leading to Saddam's capture or corpse? Why didn't we offer this at the start?

And another thought, Why is Howard Dean, the same man who opposed the war on Iraq urging the US to send troops to Liberia? He's saying that there's a human-rights crisis...hello...smell the coffee...like there wasn't a human rights crisis in Iraq?

Ignorance at its best

(Nota Bene: Drink Warning)

A letter from a listserv that I"m on:

The whole point of the "so called war" was for Bush to go and get oil. The war with Iraq shouldn't even be called a war. It is like a elementry school football team going against the packers or any other NFL team. The elementry
kids would get clobbered. The players in the NFL are like huge muscle machines. The kids wouldn't stand a chance. Same as the U.S soldiers against the Iraqi soldiers.

My points:

1) It was a war
2) It wasn't for oil (geez can't you come up with a new phrase already?)
3) What if the NFL team in question was the Cincinnatti Bengals? I think that an elementary school team would actually stand a chance of winning against the Bengals, seeming how bad they (Cincy) are. Simply put, they suck. They're the NFL equivlent of, oh, the Detroit Tigers. Oh, and I don't think many elementary schools have football teams.
4) Get a Clue!

It's Thursday

Today is normally Ann Coulter day, but since she seems to be plugging her book again this week, so instead, this thursday's pundit-of-the-day is going to be: Victor Davis Hanson (VDH)!

I would also like to propose that Fridays be henceforth known as "VDH Day" in recognition of VDH's column being published.

With the formal buisness out of the way, some thursday thoughts/notes...

today was another fun day in the lab. I counter-stained the slides that I made yesterday of a mouse cerebellum and was able to view 'em today under a light microscope. It was quite cool to see the cerebellums fissures up close, and it was also neat to see the purkinje and granule cells magnified (esp. the ones which demonstrated the presence of the transgene).
(If you don't understand what you just read, don't worry about it).

Today I sagitally sectionsed a WT embryonic E13.5 mouse brain, and I'll be staining the slides and such come monday.

Speaking of un-understandable things, someone wound up here searching for: "describing a high-falutin language starting with M." (huh?)

I'm very hungry right now...so I think I'm gonna go try and find a bite to eat, then hopefully I'll blog more this evening. I'm even thinking that I may fisk MoDo.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003
Boston Councilors won't honor Dixie Chicks

I'm suprised that this didn't get run over at SillyGlobe (but I don't blame him, there's so many silly things in the Globe...)

When the country music superstars the Dixie Chicks performed at FleetCenter two weeks ago, the offices of City Councilors Chuck Turner and Felix Arroyo presented the threesome with a signed and stamped certificate of congratulations for speaking out in the spring against the war in Iraq. Six days later, the rest of the council nixed the honors.

Now, the two city councilors have to figure out how to take back the presumptuously awarded honor.

Question! Who chose to honor these hollywood asshats, and why? What major thing did they do?

''It's a huge embarrassment,'' said Laurie Leyshon, a Boston peace activist who asked Turner and Arroyo to sponsor the resolution.

HaHa! Sucker. If a resolution is sponsored, doesn't in need passed by a majority (and not just two)?

''It's like, who's going to go after them and take it away? It's awful.''

Eh, sends some of those rabid Freepers to do it.

More than three months after Dixie Chicks's singer Natalie Maines told a crowd in London that ''We're ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas,'' the group is still very much a political pariah. Security guards sneaked the trio into FleetCenter in packing crates on June 19, avoiding small group of protesters outside with signs such as ''Deport the Dixie Twits.''

They're whiny hollywood ignoramuses. What do they expect? And as for the protesters: We've got pictures (thanks to Matt Margolis' blog)

Amid the hubbub, Leyshon appeared at the FleetCenter carrying the cream-colored certificate with its official gold seal. Inside a heavyweight folder, tied at each corner with small bits of ribbon, the certificate lauded the Dixie Chicks for ''their courage in speaking truthfully regarding their view on the US invasion of Iraq.''

Leyshon had picked it up a half-hour before from Turner's office. More than a month earlier, she and other activists at United for Justice with Peace had asked Turner and Arroyo, who are known for their antiwar activism, to sponsor the congratulatory resolution.

What a waste of money....sheesh.

Turner and Arroyo had been so confident that Boston would embrace the Dixie Chicks proclamation that Turner asked his staff to print the certificate before the official council vote.

That's not how democracy works you idiots. And remember, never assume anything! And believe it or not, minus college idiotarians mos tof Boston supported the war.

The City Council generally awards certificates of congratulations to citizens celebrating birthday or anniversaries.

This is quite different, no?

A week after the concert, the rest of Boston's city councilors made quick work of the resolution.

''Here we are in a fiscal crisis, putting the finishing touches on the city's budget, and they wanted to talk about the Dixie Chicks,'' said council president Michael Flaherty, who did not allow the panel to vote on the resolution because it did not directly relate to city business.

Woah! Common sense prevails in BeanTown! Who would've thunk it?

The group's spokeswoman, Kathy Allmand, declined to comment about the controversy.

Jamie Willmunth, Arroyo's policy director, said the councilor regarded the resolution as routine business and could not understand the council's objections

Hmmm....let's weigh the two issues out---financial crisis and stupid resolutions, which is more important? (You get three guesses, and the first two don't count).

Turner said the council's Boston-only rule stifles legitimate debate about how national issues affect city residents.

''This rule gives the president of the council the power to gag the discussion of issues that are valid,'' Turner said.

Face it, the Dixie Chicks ain't a major national issue affecting Boston residents. I can think of many a more importnat inssue for the city (like sending Massholes back to Drivers Ed).

Nor was this issue valid or relevant. The war came and went. Stop this whole "squashing of dissent" BS routine already. Where's my ClueBat? or better yet my Clue-By-Four?

Boston is one of the few cities that has considered Dixie Chicks resolutions. In the band's hometown of Austin, Texas, the mayor proclaimed May 21, 2003, ''Dixie Chicks Day.''

Uh, I"m sure that made some Texans unhappy

Boston City Councilor James Kelly, who led the charge against the resolution, called the Dixie Chicks stance anti-American. But the longtime South Boston councilor said the primary issue is that the municipal governing body has no business discussing issues far removed from the city. ''The City Council is not a debating society,'' Kelly said. ''The only opportunity for debate and discussion is on issues that are relevant to the city of Boston.''

Wow! What a great quote! This guy hits the nail on the head with a Clue-By-Four!

Cheers for the Texan!

No, I'm not refering to President Bush, nor am I refering to Emperor Misha I (both of whom are Texans).

Rather, I'm hailing House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX)! Why?

First off, he appears to be leading the charge for fiscal conservatism with regards to the "Medicare reform" plan (which would be the largest gov't entitlement in 40 years)--and would cost who knows how much. If they want to reform the system, why not for starters, simplify it, as they should do with the tax code (but that's another gripe for another day).

Second, Rep. DeLay also deserves commendation for his strong support for Israel

What a cruise

THE cruise for self-respecting neo-cons/conservatives!

There should definitely be a game of "battleship" involved against "The Nation's" cruise trip.

Where do I sign up?


I somehow (yet again) managed to scratch my right eye's cornea (and that's my good eye), so I'm slightly visually impared right now (collective "awwww"). It's related to some faulty genetics I inherited (d'oh!)

So fun day at the lab. I started off this morning sectioning a mouse cerebellum into 10 micron-thick slices. Then I mounted these on slides and stained 'em (and tomorrow I'll get to see 'em under the microscope). Sectioning is really cool. You use a machine called a chryostat (sp?) which as one person put it is a "fancy deli cutter" (that works at -20 celcius). It's neat. Then I also did some "sterile" work in a special hood; for which I had to spray ethanol over my forearms and hands (if you've seen "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", think of how they use windex--sort of the same idea).

So the lab was fun. I've been reading a lot recently (still) and I just finished Bernard Lewis' latest book "The Crisis Of Islam".. This book may appear small/thin, but it's pages are bursting with facts/information and history (just like all of Lewis' works). I highly recommend it, especially as a complimentary book to What Went Wrong. (I must admit, I'm a big Bernard Lewis fan, and when I heard him speak last year, I was awe-struck--but that's a story for another time).

So now I'm in the middle of Dore Gold's "Hatred's Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism" and Former PM Thatcher's book "Statecraft: Strategies for a Changing World". ( Just incase anyone was curious as to what I'm reading).

Otherwise, home is home. A bit quieter than usual, since both my siblings are at overnight camps. It's sort of eerily quiet though. At least no one is waking me up at 6am like my little brother seems to enjoy doing.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Ohio stuff

First and foremost, there's a Fark Photopshop contest going on about Ohio's bicentennial barns. (One barn in each of the 88 counties was repainted with the bicentenial logo--all funded by private donations)

The new state budget went into effect today, and taxes went up (booo!). Sales tax up 1% (to 7%, plus my county has a 1% sales tax), gas tax up 2 cents/gal, DMV costs went up (I hate the DMV), property taxes went up (booo-hiss)..and this is all to keep our budget balanced. Granted, it's the largest budget in state history.

I place a lot of the blame on our Gov. Bob Taft (R), because, he's simply an idiot. No more needs to be said. Both sides (D and R) are in agreement over this.

Boo for increased taxes!!!

Also, the BAC level for drunk driving was lowered from 0.10 to 0.08--whatever you do, make sure you have a designated driver.

This is just awesome

Okay, I admit it, I'm a geek at heart, and I love technology. So with that in mind, when I saw this story on Drudge, all I could think was, "oh cool!"


While this story was also cool (in a geek sense), I'm not sure if I like the potential implications.

Pentagon developing system to track every vehicle in a city...

CIA Funnies?

Why did the spooks at Langly circulate a "joke memo" that "a terrorist organization plotted to intercept and kill Santa Claus and his eight reindeer

And why was it marked as being "Secret"?

First day report

Had a fun first day at the lab today. Even though I didn't get to do any experiments (yet), I was kept busy.
First I was given the task of re-organizing all the journals in the conference room (they appologized for this).
Then I read a manuscript on transgenic and ES Mice, had a meeting, then I got a brief introduction regarding what I'm going to be starting tomorrow, then it was time for the weekly lab meeting.

Tomorrow I'm going to be sectioning mouse brains. (emphasis on mice; I will NOT be working on Rats or Guinea pigs (to alleviate any fears).

And the best part of it all--I get to wear a super spiffy lab coat.