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Monday, June 30, 2003
New Job

Well, tomorrow is the big day...I'm starting my new job!
I'm going to be working in a neuroscience lab down at Case Western! Yay!
I'll share more details when I get home tomorrow...

Fisking Denny K.

So Denny K. held a press conference today, somewhere in Conneticut (Fairfield). Not even in his "home state". He must be scared of the fact that VP Cheney is going to be in Ohio tonight (Akron to be exact) for a fundraiser. ($1,000 a plate to attend/$2,000 if you want a picture taken with the Veep)--or so the radio said.

But lets get back to Dennis Kucinich. and his "press conference"

Former Cleveland, Ohio mayor Dennis Kucinich, one of nine people seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, promoted his peace platform Sunday in Connecticut

It should be noted that among other things, when Denny K. was mayor of Cleveland, the city defaulted financially. He's also ranked as the 7th worst metropolitan American mayor in the 20th century. He sucked more than the Indians did at the time. No word as to if he was wearing his tin-foil hat at the press conference.

Speaking before more than 200 people at a forum at Sacred Heart University, the four-term Ohio congressman, said he would establish a "Department of Peace."

(non-stop laughter)

An early and vocal opponent of the war in Iraq,

And he still is one, even though we won.

Kucinich said the department would have various function to prevent violence both domestic and internationally

(more laughter). Yes, I can see this department venturing into high crime areas of cities to disrupt violence. I can just picture South Central LA or Cabrini-Green in Chicago...and don't even start me on the Int'l part.

He said the department would work with the United Nations and other countries before conflicts arise.

The UN is irrelevant. It's a joke, a third-world debating club--and Denny is dense enough to think it still works.

The lawmaker said his underdog bid for the nomination is gaining momentum

Sure...I belive that

with endorsements and volunteers

like who? The communist party? ANSWER/WWP? The hard-leftists at Brandeis (many of whom are "Peace, Conflict and Coexistance studies program members)?

Kucinich has hired a professional campaign staff, and expects campaign finance reports, which are due July 15, to show that he has raised more than $1 million

That's a whole lot 'o wasted money there folks.

He dismissed the notion that he would run as an independent if he did not win the Democratic nod.

Which he most likely won't win

I'm a Democrat. I'm attracting people to vote - disaffected Democrats, Greens, Libertarians," he said.

By dissafected Dems he means the far, far leftists. And to the best of my knowledge, most libertarians tend to vote for the GOP; as Dems don't represent limited gov't.

The forum, sponsored by Cultural Creatives in Action, a Connecticut-based peace group, had the feel of a 1960s peace rally, although most of the crowd was middle-aged.

What kind of group is that? What kind of name?

He drew ovations as he lashed out at the Bush administration and an expanding military budget.

BOOOO!!!! HISSS!!!! (Throwing rotten food/Aramark items at the stage). Why the hell would we cut the military budget? We need to keep it growing (for obvious reasons).

He said Americans "are aware their needs are not being met."

What "needs" are you refering to? We're more secure now, thanks to our expanded military budget. And we don't want your highter taxes or socialized medicine either.

[the rest of the Article just mentions the other 8 candidates]

As promised, some good news about Brandeis

Well it's late now, and I was busier than I expected to be today, so I'll only get to share one of the two good pieces of news coming out of Brandeis with you all. Brandeis has chosen three famous alums for this years alumni achievement awards.

First, there's Osman Faruk Logoglu, Class of '63, the ambassador of Turkey to the United States.

Second there's Marta Kauffman, Brandeis Class of '78, executive producer and co-creator of the Emmy Award-winning series "Friends" (more below)

and finally, there's Roderick MacKinnon of Rockefeller University, Class of '78, an esteemed neurobiologist (lab website)

Regarding Ms./Mrs. Kauffman's award, there's a "legend" at Brandeis that the campus' student run coffee shop, Cholmondeley's (better known as Chums), was the insipiration for "Central Perk" the coffee shop on the show.

Now here's the fun/interesting part. Chums is located in the basement of Usen Castle, which currently serves as a dorm. I'll save the Castle story for another time. (For those interested, here's a brief summary).

Anyway, when Brandeis bought the land for its campus from Middlesex University (story). the castle served as a lab building, and the space where Chumly's now sits is said to have been the "animal morgue" for dissections. Wierd yet neat, huh?

Sunday, June 29, 2003
No, this isn't Neuroscience


That's the headline over at Drudge's site however, I don't think it's fitting. The tenses are wrong. The "Golden State" is already in a state of financial disaster. subsequently, how can it be nearing one? Druge should've changed the headline to read: "California nears becoming even more fucked-up economically" Heh.
(pardon my language)

El Beisbol

Okay, time to mention America's pastime--Baseball.

The Cleveland Indians have had their bats asleep as of late. Today, the team finally finally snapped a streak of 7 games without a home run!

This month Maxim conducted an interview with pitchers who are members of the 3,000+ Strike-out club I suggest reading it.

Speaking of pitchers who rack up the K's, I'm thinking that Pedro Martinez is destined to join that exclusive club. Speaking of Pedro, SillyGlobe has an interesting article on the Globe's coverage of Pedro. Apparently, on the days after Martinez pitches, the Globe "Se Habla Espanol"...you've gotta read this one

With regards to the Red Sox, their 25-8 win over the Marlins on Friday was literally record breaking. WKIKYA has it all covered

Oh, and last but not least: YANKEES SUCK!

Some thoughts

it's late...and i didn't do too much today, therefore, not much to blog about.

The Rabbi gave a really good sermon today, about Israel and the fallacy of the idea of the "hudna"...many in the blogsphere would be familiar with the territory he covered.

I realized that I've been badmouthing my school a lot recently. I should say that despite all the bashing I do of it, there are many things which I do indeed like about it. I mainly use my blog as a place to vent my frustrations, which is why there's been such a one-sided approach. So starting tomorrow (Sunday), I plan on posting more often about things which I do indeed like about school or good news from the University. It's only fair that I do so.
(Note: This will not prevent me from continuing to bash Aramark--like just about every other Brandeis student)

The latest issue of Maxim Magazine arrived yesterday (woohoo!) If you want to know why I'm subscribed to the magazine, all I can tell you is that it's a joke that dates back to HS when I was in USY. But this issue has lots of good articles (yes, I actually read the content of Maxim). That gives me another idea for a post (It'll be next).

Finally, for those who've emailed me recently, my appologies as I'm behind on my email.

Bulldozer Driving Camp

(I've had a long day today, so I'm in one of those off-color humor moods, just to warn you)

So it appears that everyones favorite terrorist supporting group, the ISM is going to be having a Summer Camp...(hat tip to Internet Haganah--and happy 1 year BlogAnniversary to him!)

If the terror supporters are gonna be having a summer camp, why doesn't someone establish a summer camp for anti-idiotarians to learn how to drive bulldozers? Heh...

Friday, June 27, 2003
Funny Search Results

The following searches have brought people to my blog:

1) Uris / Zionist propaganda (Yahoo)
2) Nambla Zionists (yahoo) (wtf???)
3) Question of time before they bomb Iran's neuclear plant (google)
4) byrd bobblehead reading (google)
5) IDF "action Figure" (google)
6) circadian rythm images (yahoo)
7) "leon uris" homophobe
8) barbie doll wearhouse (yahoo)
9) al-queda myth(google)
10) cards hillary weasels (google)

My comments: result #2--what the hell were you searching for??!?!?! Same goes for #7!
Search #6--cool search, anyone want more babbling about circadian rhythms/biology (it's neuroscience)
Search #4--does it come with a KKK-hat/cone/mask? Heh
Search #5--I gotta get me one of those

Use An Apache to get Tibi off Knesset rostrum

If you've ever watched CSPAN or at least seen it while channel surfing, I think that it's safe to say that you'll agree that the events going on in the House and Senate are rather, for lack of a better word, lame. Usually, all that happens are different Congressmen/Senators get up to speak, and on occasion give an entertaining rant, but otherwise, it's rather dull. Even with the "Dems Declaring Political War in the House" things won't get much more exciting.

Now lets contrast the proceedings in the House/Senate with those of the Israeli Kinesset. (the Israeli Parliment). Now that's where there fun is at. The place is wild! Sometimes it feels like you're watching a talk show a la Jerry Springer, et. al. The MKs yell at each other (out of turn) and curse and scream and it's just really funny. It's even funny if you don't understand Hebrew.

So apprently, this past week, MK Ahmend Tibi, a former Terrorfat advisor, and an Israel hater (don't ask why he's in the gov't, it's a long story, and he should've been disqualified from running under Israeli law, but that's another story). So Tibi as usual was One of the MKs, NissimZeev, from the religious-Sefardic "Shas" party sad "Use Apache to get Tibi off Knesset rostrum"

How great is that? No? Just imagine someone saying something like that in the US Congress/Senate....it would never happen, but in the Knesset, you never know what to expect.

News from the Dem. Primary

It's official, Denny is running to win the nomination for the US Presidency....I doubt he has much of a chance to win it, and he'd stand no chance in a national race.

Among his many problems, within the Dem party, Denny and Dean are fighting for the same base of wacky far-left supporters. And in the first round of the battle, it looks like Dean won, 43.87% to 23.93% in the MoveOn primary.

But the major irony of the poll, the Jewish candidate (Lieberman) beat out the anti-semite (Al) 1.92% to 0.53% heh.

Good News From Israel

Kol HaKavod to the Israeli Special Olympics soccer team for winning the Gold Medal!

Brandeis Ignores 14th Ammendment

I'm not a supporter of affirmative action, though it (likely) did help me get into school (even though I had high test scores and a good GPA from a top HS), but as I mentioned a while ago, Brandeis filed an amicus brief with the SCOTUS to support Michigan. This was wrong for two reasons: First, they supported affirm. action. Second, they alligned themselves with Michigan, which as a resident of the state of Ohio, I must oppose on principle alone (Michigan Sux! GO BUCKEYES).

So here's some the official press release from the school about the ruling and the statement of principles.

So the school paper (the Justice) also has an article about the decision:
Justices wave Brandeis admissions ahead.

So a few things stick out: First, the headline, shows that Brandeis has engaged in affirmative action. No suprises there. There are some quotes from various administators at the school. (You know, those people who only seem to exist in newspaper articles/press releases--the question is, do they even exist?).

The Dean/Director of enrolment is quoted as saying: "The next barrier to overcome is to actually get (minority) students here," Whitfield said, adding that minority students who were granted admission were more likely to accept the offer if the University had a "critical mass" of other members of their races"

(Note: to any outsiders, a majority of the student body at Brandeis is Jewish, so they're also looking for students of other religions)

So then they quote a student who just graduated this year, who I remember as being one of the hard lefties at school. I won't give her name, but here's what she said: (I've added some comments in Iralics)

Brandeis administrators have shown an admirable commitment to that goal, but they could still do more....

"If the University chose tomorrow to double, triple, quadruple the number of students of color admitted, it could. If the University chose to make diversification of staff, students and facility the number one priority of its already ambitious capital campaign ... it could," she wrote in an e-mail. (No, I doubt that. The capital campaign is to raise money for the school, since we're somehow in the hole, despite all the money we shell out for tuition, and how we get gouged by Aramark--'nother story)

She urged such measures as developing a public plan with numerical goals for minority populations among students and faculty And those are called QUOTAS! Which go against the purpose of Brandeis! and regular community meetings on diversity. Eh, those have been tried, but most students are apathetic about it. They usually ignore the race of their peers...

She also called on the University to consider expanding budgets (despite the fact that the school is in the red financially, or so they say) for the Transitional Year Program, which serves students who need a year of extra preparation before college; mainly minority students and the Student Services Support Program, a federally funded service for disabled, low-income and first-generation students. It doesn't really cover disabled students, it only covers the last two

I'm a minority student, and I know that Brandeis does do special things for minorities. There are special announcements, events, oppertunities, etc. (and of course, extra school-spam).

But the comment about numbers bothered me. Brandeis was founded in 1948 by the American Jewish Committee (or Community) to serve as a school where students (mainly but not exclusivly Jewish) who were being closed out of other universities b/c of quotas (religious, racial). Brandeis was established in light of quotas. So now to come along and say that the school should make quotas....that's absurd.

And with that I'll end my rant.

Thursday, June 26, 2003
It's Ann Coulter Day!!!

It's Thursday, meaning that it's the day when Ann Coulter's latest column comes out!This week, Ann (as usual) skewers communists and liberals! Hooray!

Speaking of Ann, John Hawkings of RWN scored an interview with Ann!

Ann also appeared on "The View" this morning, and Right We Are has a transcript. Go read how Ann shot down the hosts of the view.
(Hell, they deserved it after the treatment they gave Drudge)

Oh, and be sure to read Ann's new book

Israeli News Roundup (and comments

All from the uber-left post-Zionist Ha'aretz

From the ticker:

00:38 Office of VP Cheney says he received $2,000 gift from Arafat, whom Bush administration has sought to sideline Send the fucking cash back! Or better yet, donate it to a charity for Jews

21:54 IAF Chief Halutz tells graduating IAF pilots: No one is more moral than us in using force against enemy
Nothing could be more true.

The headlines:
Army decides to close file on death of U.S. peace activist Rachel Corrie .
Good....I still nominate the bulldozer for the nobel peace prize

Diplomats: EU pressing France to add Hamas political wing to terror list
I'm begining to hate France even more now....

It's back!

Hey! Blogger is finally working again! Woohoo! Though there was a lot of good stuff I'd wanted to blog on yesterday....(grumble)

Tuesday, June 24, 2003
News From Iraq

Via the Daily Mirror (UK): Baghdad Bob has been arrested! [no confirmation as of yet].

and the Iraqi national football team decimated a squad of US GIs in soccer...eleven to nil (ouch!)

and Iraqis are enjoying satillite TV! The US/UK should make an effort to broadcast Soccer games....that'll be a hit with the populations

Today we remember...

The famous author, Leon Uris passed away recently of natural causes at age 78. He wrote such famous books such as Exodus, The Haj, Mila 18, and others (Telegraph--UK Obituary, Ha'aretz Obituary)

Political Googling

Had two really funny google searches in my referral logs:

"cards hillary weasels" (um, go visit Newsmax for that), "joe lieberman bobblehead" (interesting...), Dennis Kucinich Nutcase (so true)

Monday, June 23, 2003
Blix Continues to Mumble

Hanzy Blix--please shut your mouth...your idiocy and ignorance continues to amaze me.

From Drudge: UN Arms Inspector Blix Criticizes U.S. Over Iraq

Even though Hans is due to retire next monday, it isn't soon enough. Let's look at some quotes:

"I'm simply saying that the longer we are in this situation without finding anything, the more we have to ask ourselves is it conceivable that they did destroy in '91," Blix told Reuters Television after the event.

Saddam said the weapons were destroyed in 1991 when a U.S.-led international coalition ousted his army from Kuwait. Blix has said that inspectors made their last significant finds in 1994.

Hans is omitting the 1998 discoveries. He should read Richard Butler's book "The Greatest Threat" or Kenneth Pollocks' "The Threatening Storm"

More Democrat Primary Funnies

Dean finally announced his candidacy today (like we didn't know he was running already?). This came the day after he got destroyed on Meet The Press.

Speaking of Destroyed, Kerry also alienated many in his party with a recent idiotic comment

Finally, we bring to you: Republicans For Sharpton (Hat tip: Blogs of War)

Supreme court rulings

I'm dissapointed with the SCOTUS today. On Justice Thomas' birthday, they appeared to ignore the 14th ammendment (well at least the four liberal justices and O'conor).. Enough has been said about it. Even though I stand to (continue) benefit from the ruling, I still don't like affirm action in the least Even worse, MIchigan is celebrating this decision. Any victory for Michigan is automatically a bad sign. (For those of you not from the midwest, Ohio [specifically Ohio State] and Michigan have a major, major rivalry, that makes the Red Sox-Yankees rivalry look like childs play).

And in the other decision, I've gotta ask, who'd actually go to the library to view p0rn? I mean come on...porn at the library? Give me a break.

Sunday, June 22, 2003
More confusion from the Democratic 9

Let me start by saying that I'm quite dissapointed that I missed both Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton's appearances here in Cleveland. Jesse Jackson was here for some anti-white, asian, hispanic "black networking" event on Friday, and Al came through town this morning for a "prayer breakfast". I think someone should pray that Sharpton gets a normal haircut.

So I came across this article at Fox News' website, which describes a Democratic candidate get-together organized by Jesse Jackson. The topic of the day was apparently affirmative action.

The Supreme court, any time now will likely hand down its verdict on the two cases before it regarding Affirm. Action, and from what I've read, many are expecting that the court will find some middle ground on which to base its decision (it's probably gonna be a 5-4 vote, with O'connor being the swing vote as usual).

So what did some of the Democratic candidates have to say?

"When I'm president, we'll have executive orders to overcome any wrong thing the Supreme Court does tomorrow or any other day," said Rep. Dick Gephardt (D-MO). Gephardt sorts of forgets that a president can't issue an Exec. order when something is found unconstitutional....but I guess he was playing to the audience...

Sharpton ran his mouth off at Clarence Thomas, who is more of a man than Sharpton can ever hope to be.

And this morning on NBC's meet the Press (aside, does anyone else miss punditwatch?), Dean got his ass all but handed to him...great quotes such as ""This president has essentially pushed aside people who disagree with him, using our military might and using threats and intimidation," he said. "In the long run, that does not work."' (Go to France Dean! You're wrong you asshat!)

And well....if you want more of Dean's follies, you can go read the article...

Fun With Ha'aretz Headlines

Ha'aretz is an Israeli daily newspaper which is published in Hebrew, and is very far to the left (some even call it a post-Zionist paper). However, it does have a nicely made English website (link above), and one of the best things about the site is their "headlines ticker". So let's have some fun with it, no?

00:14 (IST) IDF: The three Fatah militants were killed when the bomb they were planting went off prematurely --This will be classified as a "work accident"...too bad

23:25 Palestinian security officials report three Palestinian militants killed in Israeli tank shelling in northern Gaza Strip --They're terrorists damn it! Not "militants"

22:43 Bush administration wants Israel to extradite convicted Palestinian bomber to face death penalty in U.S. Really? Send this perp to Texas, it'll get him out of the way quicker.

22:37 IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon: possibility of assassinating Yasser Arafat came up repeatedly but was rejected D'oh! Back to the wishful thinking pile

22:29 Israel`s Akim soccer team for mentally-retarded players defeats Egypt 7-0 in Ireland tournament Good for those kids. This is the kind of news I like to hear about. Good for these people

22:09 French Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy says every attack on French Jews is stain on national flag I thought Mr. ChIraq said there as no anti-semitism problem in France

22:01 U.S. Sec. of State Powell dismisses as `absolutely wrong` any suggestion that the U.S. is preparing to attack Iran D'oh!

15:15 UN chief Kofi Annan urges United States and Iran to contain row over Tehran`s nuclear program What's that supposed to mean?

Dem Primaries: Laughing at Denny K. and Problems in the dems camp?

The Plain Dealer today, in its "inside politics" section (not online yet, link forthcoming), there's a blurb saying that Ben Cohen (of Ben and Jerry's) has endorsed Denny K. However, don't expect a flavor called Kucinich Kream, or anything like that, 'cause Denny K. is a vegan.

What does Denny gotta say about all this? "Kucinich said Cohen's endorsement sends a signal to progressive activists that his campaign is gaining momentum.".

I'm just continuing to laugh at this campaign that has the chance of a snowball in hell.

Speaking of ice cream, all VRWC ice cream lovers should also take a look at Stars Spangled Ice Cream

It seems like the dems are also starting to get worried that Howard Dean may (somehow) get the parties nomination, and they're fearful that a Bush-Dean result would make the 1972 Nixon-McGovern blow-out look competative....Ouch. This is what I've been saying for a while now. The dems are moving to the left, but way too far to the left, while Rove is steering GWB (and some of the GOP) to the crucial center of the spectrum.

Say it ain't so

I've stayed out of this whole genetically modified (GM) foods debate, because, frankly, I don't have an opinion on it, and furthermore, for the most part, I see no current problems with it.

However, this article scared me: "Coffee without a buzz? Plants genetically modified to lose caffeine"

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! (I'm a caffeine addict--mainly for valid medical reasons, and I don't drink decaf). But Coffee without caffine, is like...um...well, come up with your own analogy. Someone please reassure me that they're not getting rid of caffinated coffee.

Update the blogrolls

A friendly JawsBlog PSA:

All of the following individuals have moved off Blog*Spot:

Matt of Stars and Stripes has moved to http://www.mattkennicott.com/
Jay Solo has moved to http://www.elhide.com/solo/
and Israpundit can now be found at: Israpundit.com

Finally, tomorrow marks the release of Treason and the launching of CoulterGeist!

This calls for a VRWC holiday!

Big News: Ann Coulter to Join the Blogosphere!

(Hat tip to Watcher): The beloved Conservative pundit, Ann Coulter, whose name strikes fear in idiotarians everywhere, is going to be blogging starting monday (the day her soon to be best seller Treason is released) over at CoulterGeist!!!

And here's a little snippet of the promo: "If you thought her weekly column and her books raised the ire of liberals, wait until the Left gets a load of CoulterGeist"

I think this is monday is going to be one of the few mondays I look forward to.

Under the weather

You'll have to forgive me, but I've been under the weather today...so I spent most of the day in bed (when I wasn't cleaning). I wasn't feeling well yesterday either (when I got home from work), so you'll have to forgive me.

As such, I can't really blog right now, and I've also fallen behind on my email. Sigh.

I did finish reading (yet another) book today. I completed Band of Brothers, and what a great book it was! I'd highly suggest reading it. It's a history book of sorts, but it reads like a novel--can't get much better than that! (and, no, I haven't seen the HBO miniseries on the book)

Speaking of books, over at Amazon's best-sellers list, Ann Coulter's new book: Treason (which won't be published 'till Monday) is sitting in the number 5 spot, while HIllary's book has dropped all the way down to number 10! (Note: Harry Potter is obviously dominating the charts, hence the reason Ann slipped from 3 to 5).

But there is some good news in the world, as Israel has killed the top Hamas terrorist in the West Bank! (He was killed while troops, apparently from YAMAM , while attempting to flee arrest). Israel had apparently been looking for this SOB for more than two years! Good work IDF.
(Perhaps you'd like to thank the troops of the IDF, for ridding the world of some more terrorists by sending 'em pizza)

I think I'm gonna go back to bed now.

Thursday, June 19, 2003
Stop what you're doing

And head over to the Politiblog for a super spectacular quintuple dose of Hot Conservative Chick Day!!!!

This has been a Public Service Announcement....

Match of the Summer

Forget whatever sort of summer match the WWE is having....there's a real fight brewing....heh.

In the blue corner, Hillary Clinton, with her book "Living History"

In the red corner, the one, the only, Ann Coulter, with her upcoming book "Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism" (The book comes out on 06/24/03). [cue crowd cheering in the background]

...in the battle to see which book will be the non-fiction political best seller!

Right now, Ann has leapfrogged over Hillary in the (very insignificant/irrelevant) Amazon.com bestsellers list.

Drudge is currently reporting that many insiders are expecting Ann to top the charts (or atleast out-do Hillary) in this battle. This will be a great battle to watch...

Right now I'm predicting that Ann will emerge in the lead when her book comes out, as it will likely get a few promos from major radio hosts such as Rush, Hannity, maybe Savage and other major talk show hosts. We'll have to wait and see...

Thursday's notes

Long day at work today...lots of crazy finance stuff, and screwy things from the gov't, I'll explain another time.

Today is a sad day in Cleveland as Larry Doby, the first Black to play in the AL, and a baseball all-star has passed away. He played for the Cleveland Indians, and he entered the majors just a few months after Jackie Robinson. In 1948 after helping the Indians win game 4 of the World Series a picture was snapped of Doby hugging a white teamate, a picture which ran in papers across the country, and was groundbreaking for what it portrayed (remember, segregation was still occuring). Doby was a great man and athlete and he'll be missed. Here's a great piece by Sports columnist Bill Livingston about Doby and here's a better piece by PD reporter Bob Dolgan.

So last night I mentioned that I was gonna blog on John F. Kerry's latest idiotic comments--but I didn't get to it. Fortunately, John Hawkins of RWN has taken up the task (and done a damn good job too).

In other news, Sen. Voinovitch (R-OH) is going to have a pacemaker implanted...get well soon George! You have a big race to rev' up for in '04.

While we're discussing Ohio...the arrest of an Al-queda operative in Columbus is news that strikes a bit too close to home. To further trouble things, Cleveland's main Imam is one of the "un-named/unindicted individuals mentioned in the Sami Al-Arian indicment (very disturbing).

Hispanics are now the Largest minority group in Los Estados Unidos de America Ole! There also may be political ramifications as a result of this...ones which will favor the GOP should they play their cards right. I'll blog on that later.

Lawrence Simon of ATS has graciously informed us that Int'l hate Israel day is coming up! (Sponsored by who else besides the UN).

That's all for now, perhaps I'll post later


It's thursday! Therefore, it's ANN COULTER DAY!!!

Ann's latest work is titled: "You Don't Say"

In it, Ann takes a few more shots at the NYT...she also adresses how the gov't is actually begining to crack down on illegal immigrants (long overdue) and how the NYT and Dems are whining about it....

It's another piece full of Ann's greatness. What are you waiting for, go read it!

A letter drom a Tin-foil brigade Democrat

The following letter ran in the June 18th Cleveland Plain Dealer, from the treasurer of the Bay Village Democratic Club.

It is posted in its entirety here, with some comments interspursed by me (in italics and brackets).

As a resident of Bay Village, I was appalled to read in Michael Sangiacomo's article of June 6 that Mayor Deborah Sutherland has welcomed the nationally syndicated archconservative and right-wing [redundant?] commentator Glenn Beckto host his radio talk show on July 4 from our city. Under the ruse of being a "quintessential small town" - a dubious distinction, at best, considering the source - she, with council's blessing [it's called democracy], is allowing him to use the popular Bay Days festivities at Cahoon Park as a platform from which to spew his virulent and reactionary bigotry [idiotarian buzz words; while Beck is somewhat odd with his sense of humor, he's no bigot], . Well-known as an ultraconservative [Not] in the mold of Rush Limbaugh, [Idiotarian talking point #2: bring in Rush for no reason] he holds forth from 9 to 11:30 a.m. on WTAM-AM/1100. [So what? Rush is also on that channel]. Most recently, he has been leading a crusade against attempts to add a prescription-drug benefit for seniors. [your myopia is impressive. He hates the program b/c it expands gov't, but don't get me started]

What was the mayor thinking? Does Bay Village want to be remembered as the host of a right-wing ideologue [translation--patriotic]on Independence Day? [why not] And what of those families with young children who will be thronging the park? Do we want to expose these young people to this right-wing propaganda [lol....patriotism is now right wing propaganda....way to go Democratic party]? And has the mayor given any thought to the added police protection that may be necessary if protesters show up? [you've announced your intentions I guess...why don't you fork over the cash].

In her gushing and naive way, the mayor, as quoted in the article, may think that Bay Village is the quintessential small town [No ideas about the mayor here, so I can't comment]: "Of course we are. We've got American flags on the streets, white picket fences and apple pie. It's the perfect place to hold the celebration. I think it will be wonderful." [Do they also have apple pie too?] The reality is that Bay Village is a deeply divided town.[Far-left Democrat strategy manual: 'make up false stats and claims about division in population'] A small pocket of wealth and a larger population of struggling families - especially seniors living on a Social Security check and young marrieds trying to break even on two paychecks.[No idea about Bay Village; so I can't confirm or refute said post] And now she welcomes to town a rabid, right-wing commentator to sully our holiday [Sully your holiday? You probably hate this country....unlike Mr. Beck who loves it. Who led the "Rallies for America"? Yeah, that right-wing hate monger]. What was she thinking?

"Gay Pride" Flag Flagpole Flap

So the Cleveland suburb of Lakewood (map), has recently become the center of controversy here in Ohio. Earlier, it was over the cities attempts at an "eminent domain land grab" (long story--another can 'o worms).

Here's the original article from the paper: Lakewood veterans and gays poles apart on flag compromise

So Lakewood's latest controversy is over the city's decision to fly the "gay pride" flag at City Hall. To paraphrase the articles, the original idea was to hang the flag on the main pole below the US Flag, POW-MIA Flag and State of OH flag.. Then that idea was put on the backburner as a debate ensued as to whether the rainbow flag should be allowed to fly. Ultimately, the city decided to splurge and erected a seperate pole on which they decided to fly the flag. They've also said that other groups will also be able to fly their flags on said pole.

The "question of the day" today in the paper was about people's responses to the decision.

Then Dick Feagler, a (long time) local columnist, who is usually cynical of...well, just about everything, wrote a great opinion piece today entitled: "Flagpole proliferation won't create unity ", and to summarize his point--the American flag is the one which covers us all, and as such it should be the only flag flying.

I'm inclined to agree with Feagler (for a change), however, I'm not in total agreement. I respect the right of cities to fly the POW/MIA flag as a reminder/memorial to those members of the armed forces who are/were POWs/MIA--the public should be aware of such things. As for the state flag, eh, I"m not so big on it, but since this is a gov't, we should fly the flag as a sign of respect. But I do believe that the US flag should fly taller than all the other flags.

As for Lakewood's decision to erect another pole--I disagree with it. No, I'm not a bigot or a homophobe, as I actually have friends who are members of the GBLTQIA (is that the current term?) population. I don' t care about people's sexual orientation, as long as it doesn't involve me, I just consider it to be none of my buisness. With that aside, I don't see why a city should be flying such a flag. I agree with Feagler. Furthermore, I agree with the argument that's been put forth, that this establishes a bad precident. Now anyone can argue to have their flag flown in Lakewood--from the Nazis (curse them), the UN, the hippies, "Black Power" people, anti-abortion groups, Christian groups, heck, there could even be an Islamofacist flag hanging (okay, perhaps that's excessive, but do you get the point?).

I believe that a US gov't agency shouldn't be hanging flags for different interest groups--other than official national flags. By official I mean the US flag, state/city flags, or any of the Armed forces flags. I thnk that by flying one "special interest" flags, you've opened the door to any and all flags, and if you attempt to censor a few, a battle with emerge over First Ammendment/free speech stuff. Also, things like this divide communities, and that's undesireable from the perspective of a civic office.

There's another issue to adress and that is the complaint from the "gay rights" community (Anyone know the current acronym) saying that by erecting a seperate pole, they're only showing "half support". I disagree with that. First off, I should say that I know the activist who the Plain Dealer quoted (family friend) and let me reiterate, that my disagreement with her opinion does not mean that she's an evil or bad person--she's actually a very nice individual. With that aside, I think that the activists should be content with just having their flag up. Had I been in charge, I would have respectfully declined the request and explained why, while other Lakewood residents appear to harbor much more angry/passionate feelings. So they should be happy with what they have.

This'll be interesting to watch as the whole flag controversy continues to play out in the future.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003
Concealed Carry Laws

So apparently Gov. Taft is now on-board with the idea of leagalizing Concealed-carry weapons (CCW) here in the Buckeye state. A bill passed from committee to the full Senate yesterday, however, of all groups, the NRA asked for an extra day to review the text of the proposed bill!

From what I gathered from the Plain Dealer's article, some gun-rights groups think that the rules stipulated are too strict, while the anti-gun lobby is continuing to cry. There's also a big difference in attitudes being expressed; with lawmakers from the cities not very in favor of this while the ones from the rural areas are in support. Perhaps this may explain the differences across America on a micro-scale.

Update: The Ohio State Senate has passed the bill! 22-10!

Coming Attractions

I'm hoping to be able to finally blog later tonight, but for now, I'll just list some of the coming attractions for tonight, here at JawsBlog:

--State of Ohio is about to pass a CCW law...observations
--The "gay flag" controversy here in Cleveland
--A Letter (in the news) from a tin-foil brigade democrat
--How John F. Kerry continues to be an asshat (Hint: he just claimed we "lacked and int'l coalition").
--Thoughts on the media, media bias, and Gore's latest plan....(perhaps not tonight, but in the near future).

But for the interim, here's a really dumb law in Florida which lead to the shutting down of a 6 year old's lemonade stand

And speaking of dumb laws, a lawmaker in Annapolis, MD wants to ban kids from playing with toy guns outside--with the punishment being that 'rents would have to pay a fine.. The cops are already refusing to enforce this really dumb assed backwards law.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003
Condi Vs. Hillary in '08?

That's what this Fox News article speculates.

I'd have to go with Condi no questions asked in this race. Too bad we can't have Rummy run...

Good News

Happy 23rd Anniversary to my parents!

Happy 21st Birthday to my good (drunk) friend Matt...who is now old enough to buy his own liquor/beer to get himself drunk. :-)

Monday, June 16, 2003
Could This really be true?

The backwards folk in Foggy Bottom (a.k.a State Dept) may actually be seeing things straight for the first time! Courtesy of the Ha'aretz ticker:

02:06 (IST): U.S. State Dept. spokesman: Cease-fire with Hamas must ultimately result in disbanding the group, other terror groups

Perhaps this is simply a fluke...or is this a cause for cautious optimism.

Speaking of "could this be true":

EU considers adding Hamas political wing to terror groups list

It's about time already...just follow through on it.

Finally, the "peace loving" UN seems to be extremely backwards, as they apparently don't consider Hizbullah a terror group!?!?
On the other hand, AUSTRALIA, has taken another step in the right direction by banning Hizbullah and breaking with the UN pattern. Way to go Aussies!!! (via Command Post)

Update: Turns out someone is trying to stymie the EU's efforts (on banning Hamas), and guess which country is behind this effort. You get three guesses and the first two don't count. The dictator loving nation of weasels--France. (also via command post)

First Day Of Work

So today was my first day of work. Got there bright an early at 8AM for "orientation", though I'd worked there last summer. My supervisor appologized to me about it, and she said that HR required it. Heck, at least I got paid for my time, otherwise it was beyond a complete waste of time. I sat through a bunch of boring videos, including one on the "threat of TB" and one about HIPPA. Then there was the "blockbuster favorite" on Diversity, which our multi-ethnic/racial/religious group just laughed at. We also got lectured to about all sorts of boring stuff, many of us fell asleep during it too--we even had to listen to a lawyer talk...as I said, were I not getting paid, it would've really sucked.

I start working for real tomorrow at 8am. I'm working in the Finance dept. (A/R to be exact), so I'll be going through a lot of paperwork, and computing some big numbers.

I won't say where I'm working, as that would be inappropriate. Furthermore, since the place I'm working at is a non-profit organization that receives federal aid (as well as medicare/medicaid), I really shouldn't mention it very much. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying ot hide anything, the place is a phenominal organization and does amazing things! I just don't want to inadvertantly sully its reputation, and simultaneously I must abide by the confidentiality contranct which I signed.

At the very least, working does get me out of the house during the day. He he he.

I'll blog more later, I think I'm gonna have to cook dinner

More fun searches

Today's funny hits:
"Coulter, Greg Packer"; "hate france vanilla"; "hillary weasel playing cards"; "Fisk is Pro-Saddam" (That person knows what they're talkin about!); "wearing sister's lingerie" (what the fuck?!?! Who are these pervs?)

Sunday, June 15, 2003
Random Thoughts

I feel bad for the man who won a suit against the airlines...over "toilet ice" that damaged his car. Poor guy... (from Drudge)

Welcome home Marines! Let's hear it for some true heroes!!!!

I recently found out that someone who I went to Jewish day school with many years ago, is getting married this summer. (Mazel Tov)! It turns out that she's getting married to none other than Tamir Goodman (who was once featured in SI--and dubbed the "Jewish Jordan" and is an inspiration to many young religious basketball playing kids). He's now playing pro-ball in Israel...but it sounds like the American press may have overhyped him. Regardless, Mazal tov to the both of them and their families!

Speaking of inspirations: don't you want your very own Moses Action figure?

Lawyers....can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Even worse are lefty lawyers and ambulance chasers. Unfortunately, the great people over at American RealPolitik have come under attack from lawyers (thanks to an irate lefty). They run a great site, and their morning comics are one of my favorite things to look at every day, so stop by and perhaps hit their tip jar.

I think I have a new favorite comic strip to read: La Cucaracha. It's funny if you understand hispanic/latino lifestyles and culture, and it's in good taste too. (by saying favorite, that doesn't mean it's better than ones like Day By Day; rather, it's just on my daily "to read" list)

While I think NewsMax was onto something with its "Deck of Weasels". However, I think that the "Deck of Hillary" is a bit excessive. I think I speak for many when I say: Won't the clintons just go away!?!?!

Finally, more good news. I start work tomorrow (finally). Bad news: It starts at 8am (and I'm not a morning person). even worse, I have to sit through "orientation" tomorrow, even though I've already worked at this place, so from 8-5 I'm wasting away the day...sigh....but at least I'll be out of the house!


Time to focus on Israel....

So Israel has finally declared war on Hamas (which I think is long overdue). Kick their terrorise-swine asses IDF!!!

And it looks like GWB is finally seeing things clearly, and backing Israel on this one.

I only can hope that while Israel's at it, they'll get to destroy the Jihad Islami and the Fatah--and their rulers (he he he).

Then there was Sen. Richard Lugar (R-), said on FNC: ""But clearly, if force is required ultimately to root out terrorism, it is possible there would be American participation.". I'm not too keen on this idea just yet. Sure, the US and IDF together, wow....talk about a mean fighting machine (and that's an understatement). But I don't think that would go over well with the American public first off. Second, I'm not sure how keen the Israelis would be about it...they may feel that they're being passed over to do the job. I think this idea is best left on the drawing board.

Then there's the idea from the French and Kofi Annan, to send UN "Peacekeepers" to Israel. That's a fucking bunch of BS if I've ever seen any. (Pardon my language). But let's look at simple reasons why this won't work:

--Look at the effectiveness of UN "peacekeepers" in the Sinai from 1957-1967, they were puppets of Nasser, and got the boot from him, leading to the Six Day War.
--UN "peacekeepers" are in S. Lebanon, and Hizbullah still gets to rule over the place. Not to mention the fact that terrorist acts are launched from there, and the UN was semi-complicit in the kidnapping of 3 IDF soldiers along the Israel-Lebanon border.
--Look at how effective the UNRWA camps have been....
--What about UN "peacekeeper" successes in other countries....anybody...anybody...?

Weathering out the storm

That's actually a metahpor, the weather in cleveland is actually half decent now. Dad just snapped, and when he snaps, I want to throw on a flak jacket, helmet and jump into a bunker his temper is so bad. It's really scary--as such, I'm trying to hide in my room now (sans flak jacket, helmet)

WIth that being said, I was out of town all day, at my grandparents for Father's Day. Goodtimes. Then we came home and on the ride home, mom realized that my sister hasn't sent in any forms for college (she's gonna be a frosh this fall) and she's leaving town for camp Wed. So things have suddenly gone into TARFU/FUBAR mode around here!

I think I"m gonna make a few small posts tonight.....crap, there's the yelling again....

Saturday Night Musings

I'm bored...spent the day reading books...nothing else to really do....I hate boredom.

So tonight's musings....

France is bitching over it's demotion to "Second class" status in the world. STFU Weasels.

Okay, I'm out of my disgruntled mood. I promise!.

John Little over at Blogs of War has just re-designed his site! Check it out!

From Right We Are: Dennis MIller is joining Hannity and Colmes (this means Colmes is gonna be even more screwed than he is now)

The Zionist Americans appear to be getting some revenge on Saddam Hussein, as they're now making Kosher food in his kitchens! (From instapundit)

His excellency, Emperor Misha I has now acquired 500,000 hits! This calls for mass jubilation!

And the search engine hits of the day:
"mind control picking up women" (Lycos) and "anti-peta quotes" (google)

Friday, June 13, 2003
Flag Day

I'm not really sure what Flag Day is all about to be totally honest, but Cox and Forkum have another great cartoon out about it:

Cox and Forkum Flag Day Cartoon

Update: here's an explanation of the day
Update #2:: Tomorrow is also the US Army's 228th Birthday! Happy Birthday!!! (Hat tip; Right We Are)

More fun Referal logs

I think the people who found this site searching for "naqba", ""Weasel Playing Cards" (sorry, nothing for sale here), "fhm swim suite 2002" may have been somewhat dissapointed. Sorry folks!

Another great thing about America

I just saw another thing on TV that illustrates what's so great our capitalist society here in America: "The Price is Right".
No wonder the rest of the world envies us, they just want to have Bob Barker.

Rainy Day

So graduation was yesterday...and my school district belives in holding it outdoors (except in the case of lightning). For example, my graduation took place in 95+ degree weather, and the school wouldn't let us students have waterbottles (afraid we'd throw them and stuff). So quite a few of us got heatstroke that day during the ~2 hr ceremony (We were a class of 396 kids; I was the 11th last to get a diploma).

Yesterday, the school decided to pass out bottled water for free, and they even placed bottles under the kids' seats (lucky bastards), and it was only in the 70s. Commencement started at 4, and the clouds looked threatening, but it was dry. The band, orchestra and choirs all came out and warmed up. At about 3:55PM, when they started playing pomp and circumstance the rain just began coming down. The school security guards and facilities staff there started passing out ponchos. The band finished playing and ran in, the choir ran in, the orchestra split. So it was raining like a monsoon throughout the ceremony, and it was miserable. Fortunately, the superendendent and main principal forwent their speeches (they're posted online) to speed things up. They had the student speakers and then cut right to the passing out of diplomas. (They also cut out all the songs/interludes...) then towards the end, the kids just started to throw the water from their bottles around and at the end, they got to toss their caps (lucky kids). In all, it took 55 minutes, but everyone was literally soaked to the bone.

We went out for dinner last night afterwards, then came home (where we were grounded from the computer), hence the lack of posting. I hope to get back to posting this afternoon.

Thursday, June 12, 2003
It's GRADUATION and Ann Coulter Day

It's Thursday! Therefore, it's Ann Coulter Day! More on that below.

However, today is also my sister's graduation day from my alma matter, Shaker Heights High School [cue: "pomp and circumstance"] Yeah Shaker! It's supposed to rain all day, so I guess unlike my graduation, which was held outside in 90 degree heat, hers will likely be indoors (which will hopefully make it more comfortable than mine was). So a shout out to my sis!

And now to our regularly scheduled event. This week Ann goes after Hillary and her book. (I mean what did you expect?). Ann also goes after another one of her favorite targets, the NYT. I am suprised though that Ann didn't mention the poor review Hillary's book got in the NYT.

Though one interesting tidbit in her column was this "Greg Packer" figure. Unless that's a really common name, this guy must be everywhere. Wow!

A Wasted Day

Got stuck running errands with mom today (from 11am-6:30PMish). Talk about a wasted day. It's a long story, but basically we got screwed and had to kill time while waiting for the jewler to finish something.

So the Paleswinians launched another murderous act of terrorism, and murdered 16 innocent Jews. Ironically, among those injured in the blast was the daugher of NJ State Sen. Robert Singer (R), and she had the following to say.

Israel, in a pre-planned action, assasinated two more terrorist leaders in Gaza. Good work IAF. These are irrational crazy people, and the only language which they understand is force.

While I'm discussing the ME, let's go over to Iraq for a moment. John Hawkins over at RWN has compiled a list of quotes from the anti-war/"Bush-lied" bandwagon, in which they say the same things that the Bush admin has said...

Onto politics: Jerry Springer, who has yet to decide if he's gonna run for the Dem. nomination to challenge Sen Voinovitch (R) for his Senate seat, is already making news and rubbing his primary opponent the wrong way.

John Little (of Blogs Of War) tracking the loony-left. This time it's the people from NOIN who are trying to corrupt members of high-school yo-yo clubs. (Okay, how many of you had yo-yo clubs at your high schools?)

Bill O'reilly (who Virginia Postrel rightly describes as "a long-winded cab driver with a TV show"), actually made a good point Tuesday night. While his "Talking Points Memo" was decent (which happens on occasion). O'reilly does make a good point for his "most rediculous item of the day"

Evian is the official bottled water of the U.S. armed forces, which might be ridiculous if you consider that France is so opposed to our military people working up a sweat in Iraq.
Be that as it may, we believe an American bottled water would serve the country just as well.

I'm tempted to agree with O'reilly here. Not just out of anti-French sentiment, but I think there are enough US bottled water companies that the armed forces could use. Why not just buy American? Ya know?

Wednesday, June 11, 2003
Hillary's Book

Like I said earlier, I have no interest in reading Hillary's book. I could really care less about it. Perhaps it's because I'm a mid-westerner, and in these parts the book isn't selling well. Nevertheless, it makes good, fun blogging material.

For starters, today it was announced that her "nemesis" Rush Limbaugh, only gets mentioned 5 times in the entire book! As for Hillary's charge of the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy", according to NRO, Hillary said: “I might have used a more artful term….” It’s not really a conspiracy, because they’re not hidden, but there is a there there on the right.. Are "they" the Ashcroft Jackboot Brigade (TM)? Just cuirous...

Frank J, of IMAO was also quite dissapointed by the book, as he didn't find out the following things

The NYT book critic was also extremely harsh on the book. Ouch!

The Cleveland Plain Dealer's "question of the day" was: What interest do you have in Hillary Clinton's new book?

The responses we're mostly quite damning. Though there was one supportive comment I have to take issue with, and that was: ...and the right wingers will continue to malign her because they can't stand a smart woman."

That's an extremely assinine and clueless comment (yes, it came from Kucininch's district). Here's a simple response to the question: Codoleeza Rice, Linda Chavez...I could go on.

Okay, I think I've shared enough about Hillary's book....

Tuesday, June 10, 2003
Question of the Day

The question of the day:

Which of the three is a bigger waste of dead tree?

a) Eric Alterman's "What Liberal Media"
b) Hillary Clinton's "Living History"
c) Blumenthal's "The Clinton Wars"

Leave your answer in the comments :)

It works again

I really wanted to blog last night....but Blogger was down. Damn it. Stupid blogger (insert chain of explicatives here). And apparently I fell asleep while finishing a book, so I didn't get to blog.

I was excited to hear this morning that Israel took a shot at Hamas terrorist leader Dr. Rantsi, though I was sorely dissapointed when I found out that he was only wounded (Doh!). Apparently he heard the chopper and jumped out. Bastard. My advice: reload, and fire away. But in other good news, Shiek Ahmed Yassin, terrorist scum, and "spiritual leader" (of the RoP group) Hamas is also a target now . I"m sure that there's a lot of squabbiling going on amongst the Generals in the Kiriyah (that's the IDF HQ building in Tel Aviv) over whose unit gets the honor of that hit.

Speaking of Hamas swine, here's an article about a group that decries Israeli action against Hamas: Amnesty Int'. (Hat tip to ATS).

In the "good news" column, Jared, of the PolitiBlog is back! (well sort of). Though he should know better than to watch C-SPAN.

In the "bad news" column, I think we really need to help LC Victor stay away from Ebay. I mean look at what he just bought!

Well, gotta go put my little brother to bed, and then go feed the Zionist Infidel Capitalist Imperial Guniea Pig (otherwhise known as Cappucino). I'll post a picture one of these days.

Monday, June 09, 2003
The Hillary Interview

Okay, I'll admit it, I didn't watch the Hillary interview on ABC; nor did I really care either. But I'm reading WND now, getting the summary, and there are some fun quotes.

"I have no intention of running for president,"--Thank goodness

think that many of the policies of this administration and the Republican Party are quite radical. They are certainly more radical than Ronald Reagan, and far more radical than the mainstream of the American political center

We must pause to salute the policies of Ronaldus Maximus which lead this great nation to victory over the Evil commie empire in the Cold War....Having just read Reagan's War, I can say that most of the Gipper's ideas were considered "Radical" at the time, but in retrospect, they were the right thing to do. And speaking of "far more radical than the mainstream...", uh, where do you classify yourself then? Mainstream? I laugh at such a notion. Oh, Hillary--by the way, the Dems are also telling you to STFU. (It's not just the VRWC whose sick of you).

They [the Bush admin and GOP] are attempting to dismantle the federal government.---woohoo! Smaller federal gov't!!!! [Again, more praise for Reagan].

She goes on to talk about her relationship with Bill, and that's where I jump ship. I really, really, really don't give a damn about that.

Why (hard-left) Liberals are Such a Bore

Have you ever tried to “lighten up” around liberals? It’s about as easy as getting loud guffaws from a group of 17th century Calvinists. They are the living embodiments of Dana Carvey’s famous character, “the Church lady.” I seriously wonder if any group of people have ever taken themselves so seriously as American liberals since the Inquisition. I recently did a Internet search for Dennis Miller’s latest comments on Iraq, the Europeans, President Bush, North Korea and the babbling Senator Byrd from West Virginia. One of the better list of quotations was on a site that had a picture of Dennis Miller with a Swastika behind him and the question: “Comedian or Fascist—You Decide.”
The problem with these people is that they are so certain that they are always right and that the rest of us poor bumpkins have either deep character flaws, mental retardation or are closet “Brown Shirts” who secretly celebrate Adolf’s birthday every year. The list of “unfunny”, “politically incorrect” subjects has grown to include just about everything the weather—and even then they are likely to segue into a discussion of global warming. The reason why there will never be a popular “liberal talk radio” station is that there’s nothing funny or entertaining or satirical that liberals can say. In an era in which Big Government and monopolized social services are well entrenched, liberals are defending the Establishment. By definition, conservatives are going to be the people who pop the bubbles of pretension and self-righteousness of the Establishment. Liberals are like the plump matron who is always outraged and eventually gets a pie in the face from Groucho Marx. I personally would like to see some kind of gag order on Jimmy Carter so I don’t have to hear his self-righteous bunk and condescending smile every time the President takes an initiative. Carter apparently speaks directly with the Almighty prior to his public declarations. Conservatives exist to keep these self-appointed nannies in their place.

Go read the rest of this great piece. (And look at the goofy picture of Al Sharpton on the page).

One note though, when the author says liberals, he's not refering to your every day rank and file Democrat; he's talking about the "hard-left", the "progressives"...

An Embarassing Alumnus

There are some times when I'm proud to say that I attend Brandeis, and there are other times that I'm ashamed to say that I do. Our school (just like many others) likes to brag about its famous alumni. In Brandeis' case, there are many famous alums, however, many are just famous in particular fields, so they don't have "big-time" name recognition. They seem to focus just on a few famous alums (that are not university profs or administrators)--most notably Thomas Friedman (the NYT Columnist and author). Another name that Brandeis likes to "drop" on occasion is Christie Heffner '74, CEO of Playboy Enterprises (no, there's nothing on campus named for the Heffners). Two other famous (yet apparently lesser known) alums include the current deputy PM of Bulgaria, Nikolai Vassiliev is a Brandeis alum, and so is Dimitrij Rupel the Slovenian foriegn affairs minister.

When I visited the MyBrandeis website today, I was totally suprised to find out that Sid Blumenthal was a Brandeis alum (class of 1969). For those not aware, Blumenthal served in the Clinton White House and is the author of the new book "The Clinton Wars". Apparently Blumenthal recently had an exerpt from his book featured in the Boston Globe Magazine (see here), where he mentioned his alma matter, which is why the school decided to highlight it (and subsequently play it up).

Now I didn't know much about Blumenthal until recently, when Drudge first reported that there was a book coming out (I honestly didn't really care and really still don't). However, after this first report, it seemed like things began to snowball, with more and more coming out about Blumenthal, a lot of it very embarrasing, and it makes me ashamed to say that I went to the same school as him.

Among the pieces that I came across about Blumenthal, were the following:
Sid 'Vicious' Blumenthal by David Horowitz. Now Horowitz just totally rips Blumenthal apart (suprised? What were you expecting, it is Horowitz after all?). Obviously, Horowitz has somewhat of an axe to gring with Blumenthal (as Horowitz seems to have with many people).

Then there's a review by Dick Morris, which also takes Blumenthal to task, and drags him over the coals.

Then, Drudge has some bits on Blumenthal, such as how he allegedly made up quotes for the NYT (and yes, this predated Jayson Blair).

Finally, Drudge delivers a knock out punch to Blumenthal, in which he reported that Blumenthal paid to get out of his own lawsuit! From what I gather, Blumenthal sued Drudge for $30 million (in a libel case), and ultimately, paid cash to Drudge to get out of the lawsuit (and to avoid a countersuit)

Now with all these revelations, I'm suprised that Brandeis would acknowledge that Blumenthal was an alumnus, and in a sense "trumpet it" on its website. Why?

The Brandeis motto is "truth unto its innermost parts" and the school is constantly stressing the idea of integrety (esp. academic integrity). From what I've read, Blumenthal has performed an about-face to the schools motto (to say the least). As such, it's sort of embarrasing to say that yes, I attend the same school that graduated this man, it's one of those times where you'd prefer to drop another name.

Okay, that's my random thought for the evening....

Sunday, June 08, 2003
Fun with Referral Logs--UPDATED

I go away for two days, and I get some very, very interesting search engine queries to my site. They include:
[UpdateSunday has also yielded some interesting hits]

1) "picture of president bush in a flight suit" (AllTheWeb)
2) "peekab" (MSN !?!?!?) [not sure what this is]
3) "Guys who like wearing lingerie" (AllTheWeb)---What the fuck was this person searching for? How the hell do I come up under this?!?! (Note: I'm a guy, and I DO NOT wear lingerie).
4) "Simpsons soundbite" (Google)
5) "jaws security" (Google)
6) "stupid law suits" (Lycos)
7) jaws (yahoo)
8) Thomas Friedman (daypop)
9) jaws (google--UK)
10) Jaws Poster (Google)
11) sweet bra and panties (AllTheWeb)

Whoever searched for the third query listed--um, seek professional help.
And I'm starting to get worried that in light of query 11, I'm gonna get a lot of misguided pr0n searches....

I'm Back

I'm back from the "holiday break/hiatus" as some have described it. Didn't do very much...went to synagogue, came home, cooked, got yelled at, got yelled at some more and did a lot of reading.

I completed Reagan's War, Bias and What's so Great About America. Good reads. Perhaps I'll blog on 'em at a later date...when I'm lacking things to blog on.

Not too much news in Cleveland, though there were some good quotes in the Plain Dealer the past two days. In Friday's paper, there was a great Editorial totally bashing Denny Kucinich (Kucinich can't diminish the rescue of Pfc. Lynch). The last lines though, are a classic:

Kucinich, however, prefers to see the scene through the lens of his opposition to the war. This past master of political theater says he wants to know whether Lynch's rescue was staged. If he decides it was a milk run, what are we supposed to do? Send her back?

Trust your common sense: It was dangerous. The whole enterprise in Iraq was, and remains, dangerous.

Better to ask whether the rescue was worth the risk.

Kucinich should put that question to Jessica Lynch, or to any of the brave soldiers who went in after her.

If nothing else, it would tell us how a dedicated pacifist reacts to being punched right in the nose.

Today's question of the day was also very good...alas, it's not online yet. Darn...(it takes shots at the NYT).

I'm also very behind on the Blogsphere as a result of these past two days. So I really need to try 'n play catch-up (if it's possible).

And my nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize (the one mentioned in the Toronto Star), the bulldozer that ran over ISM terror supporter Rachel corrie seems to be starting on a PR campaign, as LGF shows us the following pictures from Chicago. See...now everyone wants to pose with the Bulldozer.

And also from LGF...another reason the EU is worthless...look at what they're doing to children and their playgrounds!

Matt over at Stars And Stripescontinues to dissect the Dems bellyaching over the so called "tax credit" that the dems scuttled in the first place. I wonder if he's currently in line to punch Denny and see the response?

Speaking of Denny, that makes me think of the nutcase anti-war folk. Yes, they're still around. And, no I'm not talking about howling moonbats of academica like Gordie (that's the website for his book; view at your own risk)....as InstaPundit shows.

Okay, I've gotta go play catch-up now in the Blogsphere...

Thursday, June 05, 2003
Holiday Hiatus

The following is a JawsBlog PSA:

In light of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, which begins at Sundown thursday night and lasts until saturday night sundown, there will be no postings here at JawsBlog until Saturday night at the earliest.

To all those Jewish readers: Happy Shavuot. To all those non-Jewish readers...um...have a great end of the week! (and be happy it's Friday!)

Science time

It's time for some sports and science--physics and neuroscience! Woohoo!

First, there's the physics of a corked baseball bat (see physics can be fun)

Second, I saw this article on NewsMax about trying to "read people's thoughts" with medical imaging equipment (mainly fMRI). I'll spare you my long winded rant on this, and will summarize it in two words: junk-science. That's all you need to know. These researchers are screwing around with fMRI, and in my opinion (as well as those of many others) could be doing better research with their time.

Democratic (Party) Follies

Well, the Democratic Party appears to have been busy shooting itself in the foot recently, and not realizing it.

For example: their disconnect with the Hispanic community (a post from yesterday)

Their flip-flopping on the recent tax cut, which Matt of Stars n' Stripes discusses (also read the comments to the post)

Now there's this piece from the wire reports: Democrats court liberal activists by criticizing Bush

What's the problem here? Well, let's go through the article and see.

First off, the headline should read "Dem Candidates", b/c the liberal activists are almost certainly gonna vote for the dem party (unless they vote for some wierd 3rd party). And actually, the first line of the article reads:"Democratic presidential candidates courted liberal activists". So the headline is bad for starters.

Then Howard Dean wins the honor of wearing the dunce cap today with this quote: "I think the Democratic Party has made a fundamental mistake in the last few years thinking we are going to win by being like the Republicans," former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean said. "The way to get elected in this country is not to be like the Republicans, it's to stand up against them and fight."

No, that's wrong dean. Well, you're right in that the Democrats have made a mistake. They've ventured too far over to the left, and have lost the issues of defense/nat'l security to the GOP. You see, what the GOP and Bush have wisely done, is in light of the Dems moving further left, they've decided to slide more towards the middle ground, where the sizeable block of independent/swing voters are. By doing so, they've been able to boost their electorate, b/c the Dems just slid off to the side. I don't see the Dems trying to be like the GOP either Dean. Perhaps since you're so far left, you think anything to the right of you is a republican? I've said it time and time again, you've gotta control the middle-ground of the spectrum if you want success.

So who sposored said conference? "Two Progressive groups, the Campaign for America's Future and the Institute for America's Future."

Oh that's brilliant dems, slide even further to the left. You're in the wacko zone now..The progressives are the same loonies from the Anti-war rallies, the G-8 rioters, ISM members/supporters, IndyMedia and DUh posters...ignoring most of the country.

Former Illinois Sen. Carol Moseley Braun got some of the loudest applause by tapping into the crowd's lingering anger over the U.S.-led war against Iraq. She criticized the Bush administration for failing to capture terrorist leader Osama bin Laden "all the while pandering to fear to keep us at war until the elections are over."

Asshat. What would you have done different Mosely-Braun? Would you even have gone after UBL and the Taliban? Would you have put your foot down against terror? I'm guessing no, and that you'd rather have us try to "better understand his culture" (or wimpy bs like that)--singing Kumbaya. I higly doubt it. This is why the Dems have almost no hold on the issue of National Secutiry.

"This administration is using our pain out of 9-11 as a smoke screen for an extreme political agenda," she said.

Define said extreme agenda. You mean doing what we should've done during the 90s and in some cases before hand?

"The president keeps telling us he wants a debate about values in 2004 -- we are going to give him a debate about values," Sen. J. Edwards (D-NC) said. "Because this president's values are not the values of the American family."

Um, another mistake. Republicans seem to hold the issue of family values, and the President reflects the values of the average American family. He and the first lady are great examples.

Republican National Committee spokesman Jim Dyke dismissed the criticism.
"The best that the Democrats have to put forward to Americans is to hope for the worst for America," he said. "As an election strategy, we're not sure that people will appreciate that."

That sounds just like what Rush Limbaugh says...and if the 2002 elections are any guide, the Dems are in trouble.

A tribute to the troops

Just read this column by Ollie North, and you'll find out how great the troops of the US Army are.

It's Ann Coulter Day

It looks like Ann found out that she'd fallen to second place in LC Victor's standings, because she wrote a great column this week, in true Ann form. It's one of her better ones lately, and it shows the true Ann Coulter writing style, as she goes after the anti-war moonbats (mainly those on the left), "liberals" [more the idiotarian ones], the NYT (and writers like Kristof), the UN, a few jabs at Clinton and Janeane Garofalo.

Some of the quality lines in the piece include:
Perhaps Hussein was using the three trucks capable of assembling poison gases to sell ice cream under some heretofore undisclosed U.N. "Oil For Popsicles" program.

Should we apologize and return the country to Saddam Hussein and his winsome sons? Should we have him on "Designer's Challenge" to put his palaces back in all their '80s Vegas splendor? Or maybe Uday and Qusay could spruce up each other's rape rooms on a very special episode of "Trading Spaces"? What is liberals' point? [Note: I've been saying that MTV Cribs should visit the palaces]

The left's leading intellectual light, Janeane Garofalo, was featured in an anti-war commercial before the war, saying: "If we invade Iraq, there's a United Nations estimate that says, 'There will be up to a half a million people killed or wounded.'" Now they're testy because they fear Saddam may never have had even a sporting chance to unleash dastardly weapons against Americans.
LC Victor, how many days is the Garaofalo apology count at now?

Wednesday, June 04, 2003
Fun with Referral Logs

Okay, one of the real reasons I added a counter was that I'm curious to see what kind of random search engine queries bring people to my blog. So here's some of the funny ones I saw today:

"stars and stripes Magazine" (Lycos)
"Ben Brandzel" (Google)
"WEASEL PLAYING CARDS" (Lycos--I'm the #1 result!)
"bush fascist fisked" (Yahoo!)
"Kapish and Hebrew" (MSN Search)

This is more fun than I ever thought :)

Hillary's Book and Martha Stewart

All the news out now is about Hillary's book....blah blah blah. My opinion on it: I simply don't care about it at all.

Speaking of not caring, the tub o' lard, known as Michael Moore was in the local paper today, talking about his apparence at the LA Book Expo with Former Sec. State Madeline Albright...and the two apparently had "fun" bashing the president...go figure. I'll pull up the link to the article when I find it.

Updates: First off, Boycott Hollywood has the story on Moore and Albright (saved me some digging). Second, when it comes to the whole Martha Stewart mess, I don't really care that much about it either. However, there is one aspect of the story that is faintly interesting to me and that is the ImClone angle. Why?

The former CEO of ImClone, Sam Wacksel (sp?) was originally from Dayton, OH, and he and his brother Harlan Wacksel, were both members of my high-school youth group USY. More to the point, they were from my region of the group Central Region USY (CRUSY). (CRUSY RULES!) One of them was actually in CRUSY with my mother, and the other one was in it with my uncle. (Yes, I'm a 2nd generation USYer). So it's interesting to see alums from my old youth group in the news...though I prefer hearing "good news" about alums from my region. That's the only reason I have a faint interest, cause otherwise, I could care less about Martha.

'Vote por los Republicanos'

Fox News is reporting that Republican leaders are taking classes en Espanol so that they can make better headway into courting the vote of the Hispanic/Latino communidades here in the USA.

My take on this? Very smart move. From what I've heard President Bush habla Espanol, and by speaking in Spanish he has wooed parts of the HIspanic community. Also, Hispanics, due to their culture, tend to be more socially conservative (family values, role of the Church/religion in daily life) which seems to be an issue more dominated by the Republicans. Also, the GOP's hard-line against Castro and Cuba earns the support of many Latinos (especially in S. Florida). By starting to use Spanish, it will appear that they're trying to come closer and get a greater understanding of the communidades, even if their gringo espanol is somewhat imperfecto.

Oh, and by the way, at JawsBlog: "Se Habla Espanol"

Update: Regarding what i said earlier, comes this story from the Wash Times: DNC aide decries Hispanic 'disconnect'. Interesting notes: "Republicans were further encouraged by a May 2002 poll sponsored by the Democratic Party that found allegiance waning among Hispanics". "chairman of the Hispanic caucus of the Democratic National Committee said yesterday that there is a "disconnect" in the party regarding the minority vote and accused it of scrapping a $1.5 million plan to attract Hispanics"....wow...perhaps I was right....

Another Iraqi Violation of UN Resolutions

Long-Range Rocket Engines Found in Iraq (London Times)

Rocket motors for long-range missiles have been discovered in Iraq. Senior Whitehall sources said that in the past few weeks U.S. and British weapons experts discovered that the Abu Ghraib military base was developing a weapon with a range of about 960km (600 miles), capable of reaching Israel and other parts of the Middle East. Under limits set by the UN Security Council, Iraq was allowed missiles with a range of up to 150km only.

And lets see...that violated UN Sec. Council Res. 1441 and a number of other ones....

Morning Comic

non sequitor

Tuesday, June 03, 2003
Those evil Republicans

That's the kind of thing you expect to hear at Brandeis (from many profs and students)...no questions asked. And this article which Glenn Reynolds blogged, is really on target.

One of my favorite quotes of the piece, which all but screams out "Brandeis" is this line:

The sad fact of the matter is that many progressive Democrats are intolerant and mean toward those with whom they disagree politically. Their behavior doesn't hurt so much as amuse. I've been sitting at their dinner parties for two decades now, sipping Chardonnay, munching on salmon steaks, and listening to self-professed progressive thinkers talk like bigots....

When I first entered Brandeis, I was very, very centrist. I leaned left on some issues, right on others. I had been registered as a Republican at home though (b/c I was voting for a friend's father in the local GOP primary), but I didn't dwell too much on partisan issues. When the whole 2000 election mess was going on, I just wanted it to be over already, I didn't care who won.

However, after spending time at Brandeis, I started to hover more towards the right. What caused my shift? I don't quite know. I think it was a combination of a lot of things.

Part of it was the attitudes mentioned in the quote above. Another part of it was the "blame-America first" crowd on campus, who seemed to be the representation of liberals/democrats on campus (note: the Brandeis Democrats have been all but taken over by the "progressives", such as the RSA, SJS, PAX majors...), who exemplify said attitudes, and also function with totally irrational ideas. Another part of me became more of a fiscal conservative (after I found out how much of our tuition dollars Brandeis wastes--I liken it to excessive pork projects in Congress).

I kept my opinions secret for quite a while for fear of retribution, because one can get a hostile reaction from the "progressive crowd". Eventually, I guess things just began to "boil over" inside of me, and I needed to vent my frustrations/share my opinions with like minded (or at least open-minded) people. To make a long story short, that was one of the major reasons that lead to me helping found United We Stand.

Sure, I've been harrassed and harrangued about being pro-America on campus. Heck, I've even received nasty letters from Germany! (apparently our club was mentioned as being "pro-Kreig" in Der Spiegel). I've been berated by students and faculty, had property stolen and vandalized, and even had physical threats made against me. [I'd share some of the letters, but they're on my computer at school which is in storage].

But at the same time, by starting United We Stand, many other students have said that they now feel safer coming out of the woodwork, as they now have a forum where they feel safe expressing themselves. Even people who don't really care about politics, or are indifferent towards things, have expressed gratitude that now there's a "safe forum" for them to share their opinion when they feel like it, and I honestly am happy about that.

I guess what I'm trying to say in this discombobulated rambling is that there is still a stigma against republicans being pro-America at Brandeis, and many other schools, but that the stigma is not coming from as large of a group of people as it seems. It's mostly from the so called "progressive" crowd and their beloved "faculty", who just make a lot of obnoxious noise. Most students don't seem to care either way...they simply respect that people have their own views, just as long as you don't try to impose your views on them.